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Tragedy of the Commons: Important lessons for progress in post-pandemic world

While global warming and unpredictable human behaviour remain a risk, we can still manage to sail through these harsh times especially during the pandemic by putting in a little more…

Muhammad Fahad Khan Muhammad Fahad Khan

The Silent sufferer in the COVID-19 pandemic

The current employment issues will benefit the private sector in making big revenues the white-collar job holders would have to sit at home despite the fancy degrees they hold.

Hira Amjad Hira Amjad

Fighting Coronavirus and steps in the right direction

It is high time for the government to adopt such measures which will ultimately ease the prevailing chaotic environment.

Zain Raza Baloch Zain Raza Baloch

A call for revival of the world amid COVID-19

The novel Coronavirus takes away many lives regardless of religion, ethnicity, power, wealth, color, virtuous, sinful and though it treats everyone with great justice.

Aziza Mehsud Aziza Mehsud

Trust deficit between government and citizens

Instead of building surveillance and authoritarian regime, it is not too late to rebuild people’s trust in science, public authorities and media.

Wajid Islam Wajid Islam

Closing mosques; The Coronavirus pandemic and Sharia

Saudi Ulema curtailed the Jumma and five-time prayers in Saudi except for Harmain.

M. Haroon Rauf M. Haroon Rauf

Post Corona scenario of Pakistan

To cap it all, the ongoing lockdown due to COVID-19 is changing the traditional way of life in one way or other in Pakistan.

Zain Raza Baloch Zain Raza Baloch

Understanding the gravity and repercussions of Coronavirus

Rise of xenophobia, racism and threat to globalization worldwide while joblessness in countries like Pakistan are the threats caused by the current Coronavirus crises.

M. Waqas Mehsud M. Waqas Mehsud

Covid-19; A bird’s eye view

The earth seems to be enjoying the much-needed break, pollution has gone down, noise pollution has lessened, oceans are quitter, seismic activity is down.

Ovais Najeeb Ovais Najeeb

Dawn’s fake news of Boris Johnson’s death sums up standards of Journalism

Pakistan's reputed channel Dawn News fell for a fake Twitter handle and rushed to report the fake news of UK prime minister's death of Coronavirus.

Raza Dotani Raza Dotani

Coronavirus paralyzes socio-economic life

Leaders who have awareness about this burning issue are comparing the historic importance of crisis to 1,918 influenza calamity, the Great Dispersion and the 9/11 tragedy.

Ayesha Liaqat Ayesha Liaqat

Nature’s wail

Loneliness came in, inflammation emerged. Months went by and finally, isolation ended. People got to know themselves better, enhancing their personal growth.

Haania Pervez Haania Pervez

The Corona Episode; A hope for the future

The memories of innocent victims peacefully resting in their graves and the great pressure for the world leaders at critical time in tackling unexpected situation will surly bring the world…

Corona will go, The ‘Masihas’ will stay

Sacrifice is another name for our profession, Coronavirus just did us a favor to highlight our sacrifices a bit.

Dr. Hajra Niaz Dr. Hajra Niaz

Your speeches won’t bring food to the starving people

Imran Khan promises but in the past ten days neither the prime minister nor the ‘State of Madina’ have done anything to help any of the people who are starving.

Parniyaan Ahmed Parniyaan Ahmed

How Coronavirus damaged the world economy

Coronavirus outbreak caused the disruptions to every aspect of life but considerably to the economy of every country and the global supply chains.

Zainab Arshad Zainab Arshad

Sindh minister recovers from Coronavirus a week after he tested positive

Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani announced in a video message that he has tested negative for the novel Coronavirus a week after he tested positive.

Editor Editor

Staying fit in ‘quarantined days’

People, in the cost of staying at home are busy to nourish their taste buds, which is causing to put on more weights and suffering to them with shaping disorders…

Nadeem Israr Nadeem Israr

The Hindu takes down anti-Muslim cartoon after backlash

The Hindu newspaper published a distasteful cartoon showing Coronavirus in a Muslim attire; Pathani dress and social media responded with a huge backlash.

Raza Dotani Raza Dotani

Coronavirus; The other prospect

The blogger has tried to claim and tell what positive results we can derive from the dangerous Coronavirus.

Nadeem Israr Nadeem Israr

Coronavirus and international trade

If the Coronavirus isn't curbed soon world GDP would drop $1.1tn. It will ultimately haunt the international trade.

Sindh Minister Saeed Ghani tests positive for Coronavirus

As the number of deadly Coronavirus cases has witnessed a steady increase in Pakistan, Sindh's provincial Minister Saeed Ghani has tested positive for the virus.

Editor Editor

15 Myths and facts about Coronavirus, you must know

A lot of misinformation about the pandemic; Coronavirus. Some most circulated misleading information and Coronavirus myths are discussed and clarified here.

Raza Dotani Raza Dotani