The Intellectuals' Perspective

Kalsoom Kalsoom

The Dupery of Democracy in Pakistan

The truth behind democracy in Pakistan: from election rigging to youth activism, explore the battle for political integrity and empowerment.

Rana Kanwal Rana Kanwal

The Alarming Silence of Islamic Nations as Gaza Bleeds

Shocking silence of the Islamic nations amid the Israel-Hamas war, exploring the fatigue, condemnations, and the urgent call for decisive action.

Maheen Waheed Maheen Waheed

Deciphering Pakistan’s Education Crisis

Pakistan's education crisis, from rote learning pitfalls to language struggles, exploring solutions for a brighter future in schooling.

Haleemah Malik Haleemah Malik

Jinnah’s Pakistan: Islamic State or Secular Nation?

Jinnah's Pakistan stands at the crossroads of secularism and Islamism, with history offering resounding support for an Islamic state.

Momin Hassan Momin Hassan

Melting Glaciers in South Asia: A Looming Crisis Threatens Millions

The accelerating meltdown of South Asia's glaciers endangers the region, demanding immediate global action.

Abu Bakar Sadiq Abu Bakar Sadiq

Understanding the Energy Crisis in Pakistan and Potential Solutions

Pakistan's energy crisis, rooted in mismanagement and dependency on non-renewable sources, necessitates urgent policy reforms for sustainability.

Maidah Tariq Maidah Tariq

China’s Strategic Moves in the Wake of Kabul’s Fall

The multifaceted implications of China's evolving role and its potential to influence global and regional dynamics.

Muhammad Rafiuddin Muhammad Rafiuddin

The dire need of diplomacy and foreign policy

Diplomacy is the key component in starting with the important thing, finishing a problem, or opening a new channel with the rest of the world.

Abu Bakar Sadiq Abu Bakar Sadiq

Economic Woes of Pakistan and a way forward

Political instability in the country is the foremost issue and linked to the devastating condition of an economy.

Rana Kanwal Rana Kanwal

From Politics to Social Media, Intolerance is Everywhere

The growing crisis of intolerance in society, affecting everything from homes to politics, and way forward to the promotion of a culture of patience and tolerance.

Raza Dotani Raza Dotani

Women’s empowerment in Pakistan, a road yet to travel to an equitable society

The dilemma of Pakistan's conservative society, fearful of the feminist uprising, and — the quest for women's empowerment in the lower rungs of patriarchy.

Ahmed Hassan Ahmed Hassan

Discourses and Dilemmas of Development in Pakistan

Development is limited to a specific sphere and based on westernized metrics and standards.

Laiba Aamir Laiba Aamir

West’s Crafty Influence on the Third World

The ultimate "goal" of western living standards and development should be halted in favor of more relatable development and other policies.

Khadija Sultan Khadija Sultan

USA or China; Who will Philippines Choose?

The foreign policy of the Philippines towards the world powers, especially China and the United States, is still stable and smooth.

Rameen Irfan Rameen Irfan

Pakistan’s developmental knowledge under colonial siege

Countries like Pakistan shape their identities in line with what is fed to them and do not form their policies in accordance with their capabilities.

Javeria Babar Javeria Babar

The beginning of Pakistan’s westernization

The colonized history of Pakistan has made it more West-oriented in terms of its culture, its policies, and its way forward.

Naad-e-Ali Sulehria Naad-e-Ali Sulehria

Why do Afghans need Human Security more than ever before?

As they continue to indulge in abuse of power and perpetrate acts of violence against their own citizens; Afghans, the Taliban have given birth to deprivation and exclusion as the worst forms of…

Hira Amjad Hira Amjad

The Silent sufferer in the COVID-19 pandemic

The current employment issues will benefit the private sector in making big revenues the white-collar job holders would have to sit at home despite the fancy degrees they hold.

Wajid Islam Wajid Islam

Trust deficit between government and citizens

Instead of building surveillance and authoritarian regime, it is not too late to rebuild people’s trust in science, public authorities and media.

Ovais Najeeb Ovais Najeeb

Covid-19; A bird’s eye view

The earth seems to be enjoying the much-needed break, pollution has gone down, noise pollution has lessened, oceans are quitter, seismic activity is down.

The Corona Episode; A hope for the future

The memories of innocent victims peacefully resting in their graves and the great pressure for the world leaders at critical time in tackling unexpected situation will surly bring the world on a converging…

M. Waqas Mehsud M. Waqas Mehsud

Global power dynamics and Pakistan’s foreign policy

Pakistan needs to maintain neutrality in the course of rivalry between nations like US and China, Saudi Arabia and Iran, and a few more.

Dr. Hajra Niaz Dr. Hajra Niaz

Corona will go, The ‘Masihas’ will stay

Sacrifice is another name for our profession, Coronavirus just did us a favor to highlight our sacrifices a bit.

Danish Nisar Danish Nisar

Old wine in a new bottle: Futuristic architecture of India-US strategic romance

Modi and Trump are following the words “Old wines in new glasses” and they have their own interests which are associated with each other. India US Relations.