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Writer at Aware Pakistan, Punjab University ‘Mass Communication Graduate’ and System Analyst in PRAL at the Federal Board of Revenue in Islamabad.
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From Resilience to Victory: The Impact of Positive Mindset

The transformative power of positive thinking how optimism fosters resilience, fuels success, and shapes a brighter future.

Parental Oversight: Social Media Impact on Children

In an age of rampant social media use, neglecting to monitor your children's online activity can have dire consequences.

The Alarming Silence of Islamic Nations as Gaza Bleeds

Shocking silence of the Islamic nations amid the Israel-Hamas war, exploring the fatigue, condemnations, and the urgent call for decisive action.

Expression of Grief

The enduring impact of grief, the transformative power of adversity, and the concept of post-traumatic growth.

The Overlooked Alarming Rise of Breast Cancer in Pakistan

Understanding the contributing factors and preventive measures against the alarming rise of breast cancer in Pakistan.

Primary Traits and Secondary Characteristics of Human Intelligence

Some of the most effective ways to boost your intelligence, including continuous learning, effective communication, and the art of questioning.

Financial Solutions For Students From Modest Backgrounds

Avenues that not only enable students to cover their educational costs but also provide crucial support to their families.

India’s Lunar Success and Lessons for Pakistan

A poignant reminder to prioritize development and innovation over political squabbles.

Breaking Barriers: The Rise of Women in Pakistan’s Tech Industry

Women in Pakistan's tech industry have come a long way, challenging stereotypes and carving a path for themselves in a male-dominated domain.

Making the Most of Summer Break: Fun-filled Ideas for Children

Children's vacation plans vary based on their interests and preferences, with some opting for relaxation while others engage in various activities.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on the Job Market

As AI technology continues to improve, it is expected that more jobs will become automated, leading to significant changes in the job market.

From Politics to Social Media, Intolerance is Everywhere

The growing crisis of intolerance in society, affecting everything from homes to politics, and way forward to the promotion of a culture of patience and tolerance.