Parental Oversight: Social Media Impact on Children

In an age of rampant social media use, neglecting to monitor your children's online activity can have dire consequences.

Rana Kanwal
By Rana Kanwal - Writer 3 Min Read
Social media impact on children

In today’s digital age, children are growing up immersed in social media platforms, presenting both opportunities and challenges for their development. As parents, it’s essential to understand and monitor the impact of social media on our kids.

Monitor your children’s social media accounts. If your child, son, or daughter has a separate mobile phone, check it regularly. Doing this isn’t necessary because you don’t trust your child, but because it’s important to ensure they don’t become careless in their use of social media. In my observation, there are parents who allow their children to use mobile phones freely without ever checking their activity. But what are children doing? What are they exposed to? They often don’t even realize the risks.

Remember, such carelessness can lead to regret and shame in the future. While it’s crucial to trust your children, it’s also important to maintain a level of oversight. Be supportive and keep a close eye on your children’s mobile devices, especially their social media accounts. What are they posting? What kinds of comments are they receiving? How are they responding? These may seem like small details, but they can provide valuable insights.

It’s not enough to simply provide for and educate your child; monitoring their social interactions is equally essential in today’s world. Many victims of parental negligence in this regard are those who believed they were giving their children complete freedom out of trust. While freedom and trust are important, it’s vital to recognize the potential dangers of the internet and social media, which can have significant mental and moral impacts on children.

In such situations, protecting children from negative influences can be challenging. Parents must take practical steps to ensure their children’s safety. Spend time with your children, monitor their academic and personal lives closely, and pay attention to their social circles and activities. Maintain consistent rules for both sons and daughters. By doing so, you can avoid potential problems.

Remember, providing a good upbringing is also a religious duty, and you will be held accountable for it. Implement checks and balances to prevent regrets and troubles in this world and the hereafter. Don’t neglect your children; they are your future and your most valuable assets. Excessive indulgence and attention can have negative consequences; maintaining balance is essential, as it is a fundamental law of nature.

While children may be careless about their futures, as a parent, you cannot afford to make mistakes. Every day, news reports highlight cases where innocent online interactions lead to humiliation and disgrace. This often stems from parental negligence and lack of attention. Parents who grant their children unlimited freedom without supervision are ultimately to blame. It’s their duty and responsibility to ensure their children’s safety and well-being.

If a child rejects affection, it may be necessary to be firm, but don’t relinquish control entirely. Don’t grant so much privacy that you’re unable to access your child’s phone. What private matters do children have that they can’t share with their parents? Why should parents feel hesitant to check their children’s mobile devices?

You may have noticed that parents often have basic mobile phones with buttons while their children have expensive touch-screen devices. What business do these children have that requires such pricey gadgets? In the past, academic achievements were rewarded with gifts like bicycles and books, but now, it starts with a mobile phone. It’s essential for parents to recognize their responsibilities and not indulge every whim of their children without considering the consequences.

Avoiding responsibility will only lead to destruction. Take care of your children before someone else has to take care of you.

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