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Confronting Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking in Pakistan

As Pakistan strives for development, combating modern slavery remains a moral imperative for individuals, organizations, and policymakers alike.

Tayyaba Rehan Tayyaba Rehan

The Tale of Election Day: Pakistan’s Journey of Democracy in 2024

The gripping narrative of Pakistan's 2024 Election Day, filled with twists, challenges, and the resilience of democracy.

Qurat Mudasar Qurat Mudasar

Madness or Manipulation? Understanding the Intricacies of Insanity Plea in Pakistan

The insanity plea in Pakistan faces scrutiny and debate, with questions arising about its applicability and effectiveness within the country's legal system.

Ali Shekhani Ali Shekhani

Rethinking the History of the Fall of East Pakistan

The intricacies of the Fall of East Pakistan, dissecting historical records to provoke a fresh understanding and scrutiny of established narratives.

A Chronicle of Afghan Women’s Struggles amidst Taliban’s grip

From historic strides to stifling restrictions, the harrowing tale of Afghan women's rights amid conflict and Taliban rule.

Rimsha Tanveer Rimsha Tanveer

Deciphering Pakistan’s Education Crisis

Pakistan's education crisis, from rote learning pitfalls to language struggles, exploring solutions for a brighter future in schooling.

Maheen Waheed Maheen Waheed

From Political Storms to Economic Quagmires: A Year of Challenges for Pakistan

Pakistan's tumultuous 2023, marked by political upheavals, economic crises, and cricket setbacks, And the shadows looming over the 2024 elections.

Maheen Waheed Maheen Waheed

BISE vs. CIE: A Critical Decision for Every Pakistani Student

Choosing between Pakistan's BISE system and the Cambridge CIE system: A pivotal decision for students.

Maheen Waheed Maheen Waheed

Jinnah’s Pakistan: Islamic State or Secular Nation?

Jinnah's Pakistan stands at the crossroads of secularism and Islamism, with history offering resounding support for an Islamic state.

Haleemah Malik Haleemah Malik

An Alarming Reality: 23 Million Out of School Children in Pakistan

Pakistan faces a significant challenge with approximately 25 million out of school children, particularly alarming in urban areas.

Ryehah Shah Ryehah Shah

Pakistan’s Consumer Culture, How Brands Play with Your Wallet

Peel back the layers of sales manipulation in Pakistan's retail arena, and rally for a shopping experience rooted in integrity.

Soma Amir Soma Amir

The One China Principle and East Asia’s Security

One China Principle as a threat amidst rising tensions between the USA and China, Taiwan emerges as a critical flashpoint.

Tashifa Khanum Tashifa Khanum

Breaking Barriers: The Rise of Women in Pakistan’s Tech Industry

The future of women in Pakistan's tech industry looks bright, and with continued support, they will continue to break barriers and drive innovation.

Rana Kanwal Rana Kanwal

Mental health: Schizophrenia’s Impact on Individuals and Families

Schizophrenia poses complex challenges of cultural barriers, stigma, and limited resources, yet collaborative efforts aim to destigmatize and provide crucial support.

Ayehsa Tariq Ayehsa Tariq

Examining the Geopolitical Significance of Israel’s Annexation of the Golan Heights

The Golan Heights is strategically important for Israel as it commands high ground, monitors troop movements, and has a significant role in water supply.

Mohsin Nadeem Mohsin Nadeem

Pakistan’s Political Turmoil, A year under PDM

The existing government has allegedly contributed to the growing violence to play down PTI, creating a mess of charges against Imran Khan.

Maheen Waheed Maheen Waheed

Overcoming the Hindrances to Achieving Climate Goals

Efforts by global and regional organizations to tackle climate change challenges, hindrances to achieving climate goals, and the need for greater cooperation among nations are explored.

Misbah Zainab Misbah Zainab

Women’s empowerment in Pakistan, a road yet to travel to an equitable society

The dilemma of Pakistan's conservative society, fearful of the feminist uprising, and — the quest for women's empowerment in the lower rungs of patriarchy.

Raza Dotani Raza Dotani

Who should be held accountable for the debt crisis?

The debt trap is a situation where a country is unable to repay its external loans and becomes dependent on new loans to repay the previous ones.

Mugheera Arshad Mugheera Arshad

Pakistan’s Cybersecurity: Key Challenges and Implementations

Pakistan is the second most spied upon nation by the US National Security Agency (NSA) and is one of the top 10 countries targeted by cyberattacks

Tashifa Khanum Tashifa Khanum

West’s Crafty Influence on the Third World

The ultimate "goal" of western living standards and development should be halted in favor of more relatable development and other policies.

Laiba Aamir Laiba Aamir

How has Westernization of Education led to educational ‘poverty’ in the region?

Our existing system is failing not due to policymakers' incompetence but because it is centered on Eurocentric policies that simply do not work for us.

Mahnoor Abid Mahnoor Abid

APS massacre; when the lamp of victory was lit with blood

Mothers’ laps were broken, fathers’ shoulders were bent, and many lost the love of their mothers and fathers, while the spouses of some fell into eternal sleep.

Rana Kanwal Rana Kanwal

Pakistan’s developmental knowledge under colonial siege

Countries like Pakistan shape their identities in line with what is fed to them and do not form their policies in accordance with their capabilities.

Rameen Irfan Rameen Irfan