Zamil bin Zahid Zamil bin Zahid

Pakistan's coastline faces multifaceted challenges, demanding adaptation, resilient infrastructure, and international collaboration for a harmonious coexistence.

Understanding the Energy Crisis in Pakistan and Potential Solutions

Abu Bakar Sadiq Abu Bakar Sadiq

Pakistan's energy crisis, rooted in mismanagement and dependency on non-renewable sources, necessitates urgent policy reforms for sustainability.

China’s Strategic Moves in the Wake of Kabul’s Fall

Maidah Tariq Maidah Tariq

The multifaceted implications of China's evolving role and its potential to influence global and regional dynamics.

The dire need of diplomacy and foreign policy

Muhammad Rafiuddin Muhammad Rafiuddin

Diplomacy is the key component in starting with the important thing, finishing a problem, or opening a new channel with the rest of the world.

Economic Woes of Pakistan and a way forward

Abu Bakar Sadiq Abu Bakar Sadiq

Political instability in the country is the foremost issue and linked to the devastating condition of an economy.

The Impacts of Climate Change and Urgent Call for Action

The impacts of climate change exacerbate social and economic inequalities in Pakistan, particularly affecting women and children living in poverty.

Maham Khan Maham Khan

A Source of Comfort and Calm Amidst Life’s Challenges

While we cannot escape the ups and downs of life, we can always find comfort and calm in nature.

Rukhsar Abrar Rukhsar Abrar

Climate Change Impacts on Islamabad

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is a small but stunning city known for its natural beauty, particularly for its greenery. However, in the last few years, we have observed irregular patterns in the

Zeeshan Raees Zeeshan Raees