Momina Iftikhar Momina Iftikhar

Domestic violence will continue as long as partners, particularly women, return to the abuser and children see the abuse.

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Hira Amjad Hira Amjad

The Silent sufferer in the COVID-19 pandemic

The current employment issues will benefit the private sector in making big revenues the white-collar job holders would have to sit at home despite the fancy degrees they hold.

Wajid Islam Wajid Islam

Trust deficit between government and citizens

Instead of building surveillance and authoritarian regime, it is not too late to rebuild people’s trust in science, public authorities and media.

Ovais Najeeb Ovais Najeeb

Covid-19; A bird’s eye view

The earth seems to be enjoying the much-needed break, pollution has gone down, noise pollution has lessened, oceans are quitter, seismic activity is down.