The Urgency of Holding Fair Elections in Pakistan

Timely, fair elections are vital for Pakistan, and the government must prioritize national interests over power.

Abdullah Akram
By Abdullah Akram 2 Min Read

Pakistan cannot afford more destruction and division than it is currently facing. The ruling alliance is stubborn and afraid of losing the upcoming elections, which has brought Pakistan to the verge of chaos. All the indicators suggest that Pakistan’s situation is deteriorating day by day.

Prices of essential commodities like oil and flour are out of control, and inflation is skyrocketing. Despite claiming to have foreign reserves, Pakistan heavily relies on China. Investors are reluctant to invest in a country without political and economic stability. People are losing their lives while queuing for flour distribution, and encounters between the public and security institutions resemble scenes from illegally occupied Kashmir. One-third of the national assembly seats are vacant, and two of the provinces have an interim setup.

The election commission is struggling to fulfil its constitutional responsibilities due to a lack of funds, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is not ready to revive its program. Disappointment is pervasive, and people are desperately leaving Pakistan. Unfortunately, there is a lot of propaganda against the judiciary, and freedom of speech is being usurped.

This government’s performance has been abysmal, and they are using unlawful tactics to delay elections. For the past year, Pakistan has had no elected government. The government is the driving force of every state, but Pakistan has three drivers and eight helpers who pretend to drive, but the engine is not working. When passersby ask them why it is not moving, they blame the former driver for taking the key.

The government should let the public decide who will drive the country by holding timely and fair elections. If the elections are delayed, the constitutional crisis will surpass all other crises, and its repercussions will be more severe than economic and other crises. The government should stand with the Constitution and obey the orders of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. If they breach the Constitution today and disobey the order of the judiciary, they will breach it again and again. The government’s desire to be in power should not be above the interests of Pakistan.

If the government fears that holding elections in the provincial assemblies will make the general elections controversial, they should dissolve the national assembly and call for general elections because elections are now inevitable.

Abdullah Akram (Law Student)

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