Independent Voices of Pakistan

The Child Labor Crisis in Lahore’s Automobile Industry

The plight of hundreds of children who are engaged in hazardous labor, in Lahore's thriving auto industry, sacrificing their education and childhood.

Hamran Tariq Hamran Tariq

Exam Failures: Reasons and Insights

Reasons behind exam failure, including lack of interest, resource scarcity, inadequate teaching methods, and parental pressure.

Rana Kanwal Rana Kanwal

Embracing Diversity: A Path to National Integration in Pakistan

Explore Pakistan's cultural, religious, and geographical diversity, highlighting national integration, unity, and the collective efforts for peace and stability.

Fatima Rasool Fatima Rasool

Fatal Realities of Political Turmoil and Human Suffering in Balochistan

Balochistan faces a fatal reality of neglect, exploitation, and human rights violations, demanding government attention and policy changes for economic growth and development.

Iqra Siddiqui Iqra Siddiqui

Why Muslims Need to Revive Their Morals

A call to action for Muslims to revive their faith and morals in the face of global injustices and oppression, emphasizing the importance of unity and action.

Nida Husyin Nida Husyin

Preserving Tradition and Sporting Valor: Neza Bazi

Learn how this ancient sport 'Tent Pegging' has evolved into a cornerstone of Punjab's cultural tapestry, showcasing horsemanship, hospitality, and cultural pride.

Ziafullah Ziafullah

K-Dramas in Pakistan: South Korea’s Nation-branding Tool

K-dramas are revolutionizing public diplomacy and cultural exchange, enabling South Korea to engage with global audiences and project soft power.

Hamna Obaid Hamna Obaid

Our Inner Child: The Key to Authenticity and Freedom

By embracing our inner child, how self-care, journaling, and creative expression can help you nurture your inner child and live a more authentic life.

Jaweria Abbasi Jaweria Abbasi

Democracy in Peril: Pakistan’s Political Chaos through Historical Neglect

The importance of learning from history to resolve the crisis, how the current political chaos began, the role of the military, and the impact on democracy.

Mohammad Alyan Mohammad Alyan

The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories: Understanding Why People Believe

Examining the psychological drivers behind belief in conspiracy theories, focusing on the need for control, feelings of powerlessness, cognitive biases, personality traits, and social identity.

Noor Nazir Noor Nazir

A Safer Tomorrow: Addressing Child Protection Challenges in Pakistan

The complex issues surrounding child protection in Pakistan, the role of government and civil society, and the urgent actions needed to secure children's rights and dignity.

Momal Batool Momal Batool

A Journey toward Sindh Water Policy: Influencing Change

The development of the Sindh Water Policy and its impact on tackling water scarcity, climate change, and disaster risk reduction.

Qurat Mudasar Qurat Mudasar

Confronting Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking in Pakistan

As Pakistan strives for development, combating modern slavery remains a moral imperative for individuals, organizations, and policymakers alike.

Tayyaba Rehan Tayyaba Rehan

Pakistan’s Education Progress: Insights from the NAT Report 2023

Key insights from the National Achievement Test, showcasing improvements in Grade 4 English but alarming declines in Grade 8 Maths.

Maheen Waheed Maheen Waheed

From Resilience to Victory: The Impact of Positive Mindset

The transformative power of positive thinking how optimism fosters resilience, fuels success, and shapes a brighter future.

Rana Kanwal Rana Kanwal

Right to Information Legislation in Pakistan

How the Right to Information (RTI) laws empower citizens and hold public bodies accountable, and what are the challenges.

Salman Kundi Salman Kundi

Mass Hysteria in Pakistan: Societal Panics and Collective Delusions

The mysteries of mass hysteria, from political upheavals to vaccine scares, and learn strategies for societal resilience.

Noor Fatima Noor Fatima

The Tale of Election Day: Pakistan’s Journey of Democracy in 2024

The gripping narrative of Pakistan's 2024 Election Day, filled with twists, challenges, and the resilience of democracy.

Qurat Mudasar Qurat Mudasar

Beyond the Brick-and-Mortar: Freelancing and Pakistan’s Economy

How Pakistan's digital revolution is transforming the nation's workforce and the skills needed to thrive in the new freelance economy.

The Dark Horses in Corruption, Power and Leadership Vacuum

The foundational pillars of Pakistan crumble under the weight of unaddressed water crises, a flawed political system, and a populace in distress.

Laraib Jamil Laraib Jamil

Once Gaza! From Partition to Perpetual Strife

"Once Was a Gaza" tells a story that is more than just a moment in time; it is a complex, challenging, and resilient tale.

Neha Amanat Neha Amanat

A Termite Licking the Future of Pakistan

Drugs are becoming a scourge in our society, slowly taking over the bodies and minds of our youngsters and rendering the younger generation ineffective.

Jannat Javed Jannat Javed

Madness or Manipulation? Understanding the Intricacies of Insanity Plea in Pakistan

The insanity plea in Pakistan faces scrutiny and debate, with questions arising about its applicability and effectiveness within the country's legal system.

Ali Shekhani Ali Shekhani

Understanding Pakistan’s Youth Migration Trends

Political instability, economic challenges, and limited educational resources are pushing Pakistan's youth beyond borders.

Rimsha Abbasi Rimsha Abbasi