Independent Voices of Pakistan

Rethinking the History of the Fall of East Pakistan

The intricacies of the Fall of East Pakistan, dissecting historical records to provoke a fresh understanding and scrutiny of established narratives.

Preserving Pakistan’s Indigenous Languages

Explore the importance of preserving Pakistan's indigenous languages in safeguarding its rich cultural heritage and why they are crucial for maintaining cultural identity in a globalized society.

Sairah Irfan Sairah Irfan

Sustainable Solutions: A Path Forward for Environmental Harmony

From climate change to biodiversity loss, our planet teeters on the brink, demanding collective action and innovative strategies.

Mahmoona Ashraf Mahmoona Ashraf

Right to Fair Election in Pakistan: An Illusion

From voter rights infringements to political suppression, the complexities of Pakistan's electoral system, where rights violations cast a shadow over democracy.

Tayyaba Rehan Tayyaba Rehan

A Chronicle of Afghan Women’s Struggles amidst Taliban’s grip

From historic strides to stifling restrictions, the harrowing tale of Afghan women's rights amid conflict and Taliban rule.

Rimsha Tanveer Rimsha Tanveer

Survivors’ Struggle: The Psychological Impact of Genocide

Delve into the psychological impact of genocide, exploring how trauma spreads and persists through silence and generations.

Abul Aziz Abul Aziz

Parental Oversight: Social Media Impact on Children

In an age of rampant social media use, neglecting to monitor your children's online activity can have dire consequences.

Rana Kanwal Rana Kanwal

Profiting from Pain: The Financial Drivers of Israel’s War on Gaza

Genocide, colonial expansion, and the profit motives behind Israel's actions, all backed by the financial and military support of the world powers.

Zainab Amanullah Zainab Amanullah

The Israel-Gaza Conflict Through Two Lenses

Deep-rooted animosity fuels Israel-Gaza conflict, with both sides seeking power, legitimacy, and challenging an Israel-favored status quo.

Imad Ullah Imad Ullah

Hidden Wounds: Abuse of Mental Health in the School System

Education system unintentionally causes mental abuse through pressure & neglect of mental health.

Lamya Nadir Lamya Nadir

The Plight of Afghan Refugees Between Two Unstable Homes

Deported from Pakistan, Afghan refugees face despair in a war-torn homeland. Can the world avert this humanitarian catastrophe?

Noor Fatima Noor Fatima

Unraveling Israel-Gaza: A Concise History of Conflict

The intricate history of Israel-Gaza conflict, from 1948 to the present crisis, and unravel global perspectives on the ongoing struggle.

Tooba Ansari Tooba Ansari

From Political Storms to Economic Quagmires: A Year of Challenges for Pakistan

Pakistan's tumultuous 2023, marked by political upheavals, economic crises, and cricket setbacks, And the shadows looming over the 2024 elections.

Maheen Waheed Maheen Waheed

Preservation Crisis: A Warning for Journalists’ Survival

The pressing issue of correspondents' survival warnings, as the lack of preservation measures poses a grave threat to their existence.

Iqra Siddiqui Iqra Siddiqui

The push and pull factors contributing to youth migration from Pakistan

Why Pakistan's youth are migrating abroad—economic struggles, political unrest, education gaps, societal norms, and the allure of better opportunities.

Inam Ellahi Inam Ellahi

Expression of Grief

The enduring impact of grief, the transformative power of adversity, and the concept of post-traumatic growth.

Rana Kanwal Rana Kanwal

Lost in the Haze: Lahore’s Cry for Clean Air

Lahore, once a vibrant city, suffocates under a deadly smog blanket. Can Pakistan break the cycle of reactive solutions and save its people from this toxic crisis?

Maheen Waheed Maheen Waheed

Media Blindness over the Unseen Struggle of the Forgotten People of Balochistan

The media blackout in Balochistan, revealing a systemic failure in journalistic principles. Baloch voices unheard, buried in silence.

Dilshad Baluch Dilshad Baluch

Belt and Road Impact: The Transformative Trade Dynamics in Central Asia

Central Asia's pivotal role in China's Belt and Road Initiative, featuring surging trade, strategic deals, and transformative partnerships in key nations.

Momin Hassan Momin Hassan

Cricket World Cup 2023: A Fan In Retrospect

Relive Cricket World Cup 2023 highlights, from Pakistan's historic run-chase to controversies and Australia's triumph. Unforgettable moments and intense competition await.

Maheen Waheed Maheen Waheed

Mouth Cancer in Pakistan: What a Layperson Needs to Know

Navigate the complexities of oral cancer—discover symptoms, risk factors, and actionable prevention strategies for optimal oral health and well-being.

Dr. Shazia Shabbir Dr. Shazia Shabbir

The Unseen Hurdles of Sindh’s Marginalized Zones

The overlooked struggles in Sindh's underprivileged areas—educational gaps, farming challenges, and women's rights violations demand immediate action.

Mohammad Hassan Mohammad Hassan

The Massacre of Palestine: A Failure to Act

International condemnation echoes, yet concrete action to halt the violence remains elusive.

Dr Atiqa Qayyum Dr Atiqa Qayyum

The Overlooked Alarming Rise of Breast Cancer in Pakistan

Understanding the contributing factors and preventive measures against the alarming rise of breast cancer in Pakistan.

Rana Kanwal Rana Kanwal