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Women’s empowerment in Pakistan, a road yet to travel to an equitable society

Raza Dotani Raza Dotani

The dilemma of Pakistan's conservative society, fearful of the feminist uprising, and — the quest for women's empowerment in the lower rungs of patriarchy.

Comprehending Feminism Drive in Legal and Social Context of Pakistan

Meharma Tanoli Meharma Tanoli

Feminism is a struggle against the patriarchal culture of the society that instils in individuals, from the early stages of life, which lead to discrimination.

Periods don’t make me a sinner!

Hira Amjad Hira Amjad

Menstruation serves a purpose for the human body with the only difference that periods are women-specific and hence have become a taboo.

It’s you who raises yourself

Shumaila Zain Shumaila Zain

It’s you who, after falling, picked yourself up, and while bleeding, you learned to stop crying and start dressing your wounds.

Maximize your teaching career with free online development opportunities

Fariha Zafar Fariha Zafar

Online platforms offering valuable, globally recognized courses and resources, making them an excellent choice for teachers seeking to continuously improve their skills.

Brown Girl

Hira Amjad Hira Amjad

Our parents tell us that our degrees would be worthless if our moral values weren’t on breaking society’s standard.

The Corona Episode; A hope for the future

The memories of innocent victims peacefully resting in their graves and the great pressure for the world leaders at critical time in tackling unexpected situation will surly bring the world

Pakistan’s response to emerging technologies and the development of LAWS

Hafiz Mohsin Nadeem Hafiz Mohsin Nadeem

Pakistan has called for a preemptive ban on the development of autonomous weapon systems.

The education system in Pakistan is left in shambles

Mariyah Sadiq Khosa Mariyah Sadiq Khosa

In both the covid times and beyond, it is important to establish an education system in Pakistan that is resilient and prepared so that all efforts do not go to

Story of Andrew Masih from a quarantined whiny mind

Nida Khattak Nida Khattak

He has lost all his hopes in the State on the way. Trying to find peace in everything he can get his eyes laid on but to no avail, defeated,

From COVID-19 Towards a Meaningful Discovery of Spirituality

Sidra Ijaz Sidra Ijaz

A very few human crises existed in the world history that had spiritually transformed the human world.

The un-edited you

Dur-e-Sameen Ilyas Dur-e-Sameen Ilyas

Humans aren’t perfect anyway, errors will be there but our job is to try to reduce them as much as possible.