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IVLP fellow, a maverick blogger, promoting youth and women's empowerment — activist advocating for civic voices and digital literacy, — and entrepreneur helping businesses thrive online.
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Women’s empowerment in Pakistan, a road yet to travel to an equitable society

The dilemma of Pakistan's conservative society, fearful of the feminist uprising, and — the quest for women's empowerment in the lower rungs of patriarchy.

A bright step by Karachi’s female students

In this worrying circumstance, if people at the grassroots level step forward to help needy people and provide their basic needs, their basic problems can be overcome.

Malala envisioned a future where all women fully participate in society

Malala gave an inspiring speech during the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony in Birmingham, where her presence overwhelmed British dignitaries and royal family members.

Toxic people; the leeches sucking your life quietly

The people who drain your energy and hinder your personal development through negative conduct and manipulation? Who are they in your life?

Atrocious men continue barbarities on women in Swat

In a single month a total of eight women lost lives in domestic violence and honour killing while the public and media are completely reckless.

Dawn’s fake news of Boris Johnson’s death sums up standards of Journalism

Pakistan's reputed channel Dawn News fell for a fake Twitter handle and rushed to report the fake news of UK prime minister's death of Coronavirus.

The Hindu takes down anti-Muslim cartoon after backlash

The Hindu newspaper published a distasteful cartoon showing Coronavirus in a Muslim attire; Pathani dress and social media responded with a huge backlash.

15 Myths and facts about Coronavirus, you must know

A lot of misinformation about the pandemic; Coronavirus. Some most circulated misleading information and Coronavirus myths are discussed and clarified here.

Mikaal to play a pilot’s love with Sana in Zard Bahar

Mikaal Zulfiqar and Sana Javed have been paired in an intrincsic love story between Captain Salman and Dr. Samira in Zard Bahar.

NA to pass its first constitutional bill brought by PTM’s Mohsin Dawar

MNA from North Waziristan Mohsin Dawar tabled the 26th Constitution bill on Friday and both the opposition and government backed it in unison.

Juda Na Hona – story of a bold rebellious girl

Featuring Mansha Pasha and Shahroz Sabzwari, Juda Na Hona is a love story of a rebellious and ambitious girl and a careless and flirty boy.

PM Imran Khan’s friendship, COAS Bajwa’s Jadoo ki Jhappi haunt Sidhu in India

Navjot Sindh Sidhu is continuesly in an eye of storm over his comments on Pulwama deadly attack and peaceful thoughts about Pakistan.