A bright step by Karachi’s female students

In this worrying circumstance, if people at the grassroots level step forward to help needy people and provide their basic needs, their basic problems can be overcome.

Raza Dotani
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Humaira Zia, Hafsa Idrees, Nabiha Shahab
Hafsa Idrees, Humaira Zia and Nabiha Shahab student of Business Administration, Jinnah University for Women along with the principal of 'The Peace School'.

While Pakistan’s crippling inflation has made it impossible for people to live happy and healthy lives and fulfill their basic necessities, there are young people and students who are dedicated to assisting deserving people in coping with the inflation within their means.

Three Jinnah University for Women Karachi students have made an effort to assist those in need. Humira Zia, Hafsa Idris, and Nabiha Shahab, students from the mentioned university’s Business Administration Department, have taken a great and inspiring step by daring to provide clean drinking water to the residents of a town in Korangi, Karachi.

The goal of these students was to offer clean water to people in highly populated cities like Karachi, where water is an insurmountable problem. They delivered purified and filtered drinking water on a daily basis to tens of needy families in Allahwala, a town near Korangi, Karachi, for three months.

The students, who were committed to the spirit of service, carried out their plan with the support of a local company, Rooma Water Filtration. The Peace School (a local public school) covered the expense of their initiative. Maria Syed, their instructor, guided and assisted them in putting their plan into action.

The main objective of this initiative was to save people’s lives, as every year in Pakistan, over 1 lakh people become ill with diseases such as diarrhea, hepatitis, and polio as a result of drinking contaminated water, and thousands die.

According to statistics, almost 30% of Pakistanis are compelled to drink unclean water. In this worrying circumstance, if people at the grassroots level step forward to help such needy people and provide their basic needs, such as food, water, and clothing, their basic problems can be overcome. However, among all of these issues, the shortage of safe drinking water is the most serious.

These youngsters intend to continue their efforts in the future. They were also grateful to their fellow students, sponsors, and instructors for their assistance in making this initiative a success.

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