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The Child Labor Crisis in Lahore’s Automobile Industry

The plight of hundreds of children who are engaged in hazardous labor, in Lahore's thriving auto industry, sacrificing their education and childhood.

Hamran Tariq Hamran Tariq

Fatal Realities of Political Turmoil and Human Suffering in Balochistan

Balochistan faces a fatal reality of neglect, exploitation, and human rights violations, demanding government attention and policy changes for economic growth and development.

Iqra Siddiqui Iqra Siddiqui

A Safer Tomorrow: Addressing Child Protection Challenges in Pakistan

The complex issues surrounding child protection in Pakistan, the role of government and civil society, and the urgent actions needed to secure children's rights and dignity.

Momal Batool Momal Batool

A Journey toward Sindh Water Policy: Influencing Change

The development of the Sindh Water Policy and its impact on tackling water scarcity, climate change, and disaster risk reduction.

Qurat Mudasar Qurat Mudasar

Confronting Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking in Pakistan

As Pakistan strives for development, combating modern slavery remains a moral imperative for individuals, organizations, and policymakers alike.

Tayyaba Rehan Tayyaba Rehan

Mass Hysteria in Pakistan: Societal Panics and Collective Delusions

The mysteries of mass hysteria, from political upheavals to vaccine scares, and learn strategies for societal resilience.

Noor Fatima Noor Fatima

A Termite Licking the Future of Pakistan

Drugs are becoming a scourge in our society, slowly taking over the bodies and minds of our youngsters and rendering the younger generation ineffective.

Jannat Javed Jannat Javed

Preserving Pakistan’s Indigenous Languages

Explore the importance of preserving Pakistan's indigenous languages in safeguarding its rich cultural heritage and why they are crucial for maintaining cultural identity in a globalized society.

Sairah Irfan Sairah Irfan

The push and pull factors contributing to youth migration from Pakistan

Why Pakistan's youth are migrating abroad—economic struggles, political unrest, education gaps, societal norms, and the allure of better opportunities.

Inam Ellahi Inam Ellahi

Media Blindness over the Unseen Struggle of the Forgotten People of Balochistan

The media blackout in Balochistan, revealing a systemic failure in journalistic principles. Baloch voices unheard, buried in silence.

Dilshad Baluch Dilshad Baluch

An Alarming Reality: 23 Million Out of School Children in Pakistan

Pakistan faces a significant challenge with approximately 25 million out of school children, particularly alarming in urban areas.

Ryehah Shah Ryehah Shah

Challenges Faced by Minority Groups Worldwide

Minorities around the world: Emphasizing incidents of discrimination, violence, and the importance of promoting diversity and human rights.

Rimsha Abbasi Rimsha Abbasi

Global Inflation Impacting Lives Across Borders

Witnessing notable uptick in global price levels, resulting in a reduction in our purchasing power and a profound impact on consumer behavior.

Zainab Safri Zainab Safri

Pakistan’s Consumer Culture, How Brands Play with Your Wallet

Peel back the layers of sales manipulation in Pakistan's retail arena, and rally for a shopping experience rooted in integrity.

Soma Amir Soma Amir

Pakistani Dentists Battle Unemployment and Inequity

The neglected state of dentistry in Pakistan, where dentists face unemployment, inadequate resources, and the quackery challenge.

Dr. Shazia Shabbir Dr. Shazia Shabbir

The Plight of Pakistan’s Household Workers

Pakistan's domestic workers endure abuse, lack legal protection, and need societal change.

Faisal Raza Faisal Raza

Bero Chandio: A Village Struggling for Basic Rights

Despite being the hub of the Chandio caste, the village's poor and needy have been ignored and forgotten by their own leaders and elected representatives.

Hassan Raza Hassan Raza

Acknowledge the Sacrifices of the Working Class

The history of Labour Day is rooted in the exploitation of the working class, but it now celebrates their fight for better working conditions.

Rimsha Abbasi Rimsha Abbasi

From Politics to Social Media, Intolerance is Everywhere

The growing crisis of intolerance in society, affecting everything from homes to politics, and way forward to the promotion of a culture of patience and tolerance.

Rana Kanwal Rana Kanwal

The victim blame game

Gender-based violence — a pervasive problem, perpetuated by societal biases against women and reinforced by the language we use to discuss it.

Shumaila Zain Shumaila Zain

Women’s empowerment in Pakistan, a road yet to travel to an equitable society

The dilemma of Pakistan's conservative society, fearful of the feminist uprising, and — the quest for women's empowerment in the lower rungs of patriarchy.

Raza Dotani Raza Dotani

Unspoken Epidemic of Child Abuse — Prevention and Awareness

The malaise of child abuse is well-established inside the culture of Gilgit-Baltistan.

Kainat Habib Kainat Habib

Women Empowerment and Development in Pakistan’s National Policy

Women's rights movements in Pakistan, such as Aurat Azadi March, face backlash due to the perception that empowerment is a western idea.

Muhammad Huzaifa Muhammad Huzaifa

The tragedy of child labor in Pakistan

The government must provide employment opportunities and raise social awareness about child rights to address the of issue of child labor in Pakistan.

Zarmeen Rajper Zarmeen Rajper