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Blogger at Aware Pakistan and a media researcher who writes about current affairs and social issues.
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Understanding Pakistan’s Youth Migration Trends

From political instability to global influences, uncover the factors driving youngsters' migration trend.

Challenges Faced by Minority Groups Worldwide

Emphasizing incidents of discrimination, violence, and the importance of promoting diversity and human rights.

Metaverse; the Convergence of Virtual and Real World

The metaverse, a convergence of modern technologies, promises immersive experiences and potential transformations in our online and offline lives, yet significant technological hurdles remain.

Inflation in Pakistan: unpacking the factors and finding fixes

The causes of inflation in Pakistan are complex and multifaceted, but there are a number of potential solutions that could help to alleviate its adverse effects.

Acknowledge the Sacrifices of the Working Class

The history of Labour Day is rooted in the exploitation of the working class, but it now celebrates their fight for better working conditions.