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The Impacts of Climate Change and Urgent Call for Action

The impacts of climate change exacerbate social and economic inequalities in Pakistan, particularly affecting women and children living in poverty.

Maham Khan Maham Khan

A Source of Comfort and Calm Amidst Life’s Challenges

While we cannot escape the ups and downs of life, we can always find comfort and calm in nature.

Rukhsar Abrar Rukhsar Abrar

Climate Change Impacts on Islamabad

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, is a small but stunning city known for its natural beauty, particularly for its greenery. However, in the last few years, we have observed irregular…

Zeeshan Raees Zeeshan Raees

The Urgency of Holding Fair Elections in Pakistan

Timely, fair elections are vital for Pakistan, and the government must prioritize national interests over power.

Abdullah Akram Abdullah Akram

The tragedy of child labor in Pakistan

The government must provide employment opportunities and raise social awareness about child rights to address the of issue of child labor in Pakistan.

Zarmeen Rajper Zarmeen Rajper

Pakistan: A Developmental Dilemma?

Pakistan, as a post-colonial state, needs to free itself from the constraints of the colonialist mindset.

Moazam Nazir Moazam Nazir

Pakistan’s letter

Beloved ones turned a blind eye, making my hope vacillate. With these words, tears trickled down my face.  Still, looking forward to a happy ending.

Maheen Waheed Maheen Waheed

Plastic pollution’s effects on climate change in Pakistan

There is no national-level policy to deal with this problem in Pakistan.

Arsalan Hassan Arsalan Hassan

A Contribution to Change

With Pakistan employing a new grading system at the matric and intermediate levels, aimed at doing full justice to hard-working students, there appears to be a quagmire for students.

Maheen Waheed Maheen Waheed

Child abuse in the society

Child abuse has numerous negative consequences, not only for the abused children but also for the abuser.

Kainat Javed Kainat Javed

The dire circumstances of government schools in Sindh

If we take a look at the condition of government schools in Sindh, especially in rural areas, we’ll see institutions lacking competent and dedicated staff and management, which is a…

Rahman Kibria Koondhar Rahman Kibria Koondhar

The disabled community in Pakistan

Pakistan has has best laws for the disabled community but there is a lack of involvement and focus on the aspects of disability rights.

Multi Authors Multi Authors

From COVID-19 Towards a Meaningful Discovery of Spirituality

A very few human crises existed in the world history that had spiritually transformed the human world.

Sidra Ijaz Sidra Ijaz

Ramadan during Lockdown

Ramadan will bring about a visible change in the lifestyle of Muslims as they go without food and water during the day and perform Taraweeh.

Mahnoor Tanvir Mahnoor Tanvir

COVID-19; A greater disaster for Indian Muslims

The world community has to pressurize the India to face the global challenge of COVID-19 with rational mindset instead of floating xenophobic ideas among its citizens.

Sidra Ijaz Sidra Ijaz

Smart lockdown in Azad Kashmir; Need of time?

Since the smart lockdown, there is a huge stampede of people in all public places and the number of patients had increased since the new strategy of the government.

M. Haroon Rauf M. Haroon Rauf

Post Corona scenario of Pakistan

To cap it all, the ongoing lockdown due to COVID-19 is changing the traditional way of life in one way or other in Pakistan.

Zain Raza Baloch Zain Raza Baloch

Resisting Male Chauvinism

A number of our well-educated countrymen also fall prey to these religious goons and raise voice against movements like Aurat March.

Hassan Masood Hassan Masood

Nature’s wail

Loneliness came in, inflammation emerged. Months went by and finally, isolation ended. People got to know themselves better, enhancing their personal growth.

Haania Pervez Haania Pervez

Contagion movie and the Coronavirus mysteries

It is strange how familiar the movie Contagion is to the current Coronavirus disaster. How can someone predict the future almost 10 years before? A lot of puzzle in the…

Haider Ali Haider Ali