From COVID-19 Towards a Meaningful Discovery of Spirituality

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The human world has evolved to the present stage through an evolutionary process since its beginning. It has witnessed the Stone age era, Neolithic society, Hunting and Gathering Society, Pastoral society, Industrial society until human society achieved the status of Global society at present. That evolutionary process brought immense achievements through the industrial revolution, the scientific revolution and the contemporary digital revolution.

On the other side of the picture, man achieved progress on material fronts, yet he remained far behind in accomplishment of the journey towards his inner self. No doubt, material excellence has been achieved at the expense of spiritual growth. Consequently, Peace of mind became a far-reaching dream in this materialistic world.

During the whole process, mankind went through numerous disasters, natural calamities and brutal wartime casualties as well. Yet, a very few human crises existed in the world history that had spiritually transformed the human world.

We have shed light on how materialism has been rooted in the present world through an evolutionary process. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 Crisis, human society has been subjected to a change in its very foundations. Here, the enforced-change (by the state elements) in human lifestyle will be exempted from our discussion below. While we will only analyze the spiritual activation of the human mind since the existence of COVID-19.

1: Humans have admitted that ‘Life ‘ itself is the most significant aspect of this human world. Life is above all scientific, technological, economic developments and advancements. Whether consciously or unconsciously, the materialistic approach of life has been questioned by every single thoughtful person in the present scenario.

2: Every human being has some defined material objectives of his life for which he strives throughout in his life. What the current COVID-19 crisis has exposed is the presence of a purpose within the existence of life. Now the human mind has taken a road to self-actualization: an insight into the inner world. This discovery of inner life in a human being is the real necessity of time, and its contribution is worthwhile in human life than material objectives.

3: During COVID-19 crisis, man has learned to live with oneself. The time in self-quarantine has provided him to enjoy his own company. Through this mental therapy, he has achieved some spiritual insight to optimize his strengths and to determine his weakness. In the long run, the results of this self-isolation will be fruitful for an individual’s growth.

4: Presently, under ‘ STAY HOME STAY SAFE ‘ slogan, the significance of strong family structure has been revived in human society. People have come to know the importance of blood- relations by spending more time with their families. While there is no denying the fact that a lot of mental diseases are cured through sharing and enjoying true relationships. The essence of spirituality grows through maintaining quality relationships. Peace of mind, which man has been trying to seek from the fulfilment of his unending desires, finds its roots in a healthy, well-developed family bond.

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