Post Corona scenario of Pakistan

To cap it all, the ongoing lockdown due to COVID-19 is changing the traditional way of life in one way or other in Pakistan.

Political and economic experts have been sharing their analysis for post corona world. For them, the world will face economic meltdown and possible change of global world order. Pakistan will also have to face some repercussions of corona. The possible post corona scenario will be:

1 — Change in Budget allocation: The priority will be on the health sector and the scope of medical science especially the Virology will be increased. The government will specify a good budget for health infrastructure. However, the defence allocation will possibly remain the same due to the strategic culture of Pakistan. 

2 — Acceleration in digitalization process: Although, Prime Minister has launched “Digital Pakistan” initiative yet the process is at a slower pace due to several reasons. The coronavirus will result in speed-up of the digitalization process which includes the inclusion of digital currency and overall digital infrastructures. It is worth to mention that current Pandemic has increased the need of digital world such as E-commerce, Online learning and so on.

3 — Adoptation of Online Education: Currently, privately managed education institutions in Pakistan have started online learning due to countrywide lockdown. This is indeed a temporary initiative but there is a possibility of forever and all-time adaptation of this in Pakistan. It is extremely important to note that parent’s responsibility, to teach their children at home, will be increased. 

4 — Change in Social behaviour: According to Psychologists, the ongoing lockdown has created a huge impact on the psyche of humans. For instance, people now prefer homemade food instead of meals from restaurants.  Moreover, people are making social distancing and washing their body, hands and face repeatedly in their daily routine. This practice will turn into a habit.

5 — Decrease in Tourism: The new government started an outstanding campaign for the promotion of tourism in Pakistan. Undoubtedly, the tourism sector of the country has great potential but sadly, the sector will get a blow due to COVID-19. Not only in Pakistan but experts say that it will impact the global tourism industry.

To cap it all, the ongoing lockdown due to COVID-19 is changing the traditional way of life in one way or other in Pakistan. The same can be witnessed in different countries. The post corona scenario will be different from the traditional one.

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  1. Syed Muzammil Awais says

    Worth reading article on the current scenario build by COVID-19 pandemic,
    We need structural changes in our life styles,
    Betterment of health care and education should be the core priority of government.

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