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Writer at Aware Pakistan, Punjab University ‘Mass Communication Graduate’ and System Analyst in PRAL at the Federal Board of Revenue in Islamabad.
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Tourism as a Catalyst for Growth and Development in Pakistan

Neglect of tourism has hindered Pakistan's potential, but renovation of historical sites can boost tourism.

IMF: A Bone of Throat for the Government

IMF may be a last resort, but compliance with its conditions could be the final blow to the government's poor performance.

Energizing and Healing: The Power of Winter Foods

Physicians tout dry fruits as the ultimate "natural capsules" - packed with essential nutrients and often regarded as powerful supplements for optimal health

APS massacre; when the lamp of victory was lit with blood

Mothers’ laps were broken, fathers’ shoulders were bent, and many lost the love of their mothers and fathers, while the spouses of some fell into eternal sleep.