The dire need of diplomacy and foreign policy

Diplomacy is the key component in starting with the important thing, finishing a problem, or opening a new channel with the rest of the world.

Muhammad Rafiuddin
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Pakistan's foreign policy

Pakistan has come a long way due to a variety of circumstances, overcoming many challenges to become more resilient and open. However, the current economic crisis is a result of several factors, including tyranny, government overthrows, trade imbalances, and deficits in both imports and exports, as well as in diplomacy and foreign policy. Both aspects are equally significant and cannot be ignored. Diplomacy is a key component in starting with the most critical issue, resolving a problem, or opening a new channel with the rest of the world. Issues could be resolved diplomatically, and new topics such as trade or the development of soft power can be raised. Clarity in foreign policy and establishing friendly ties will undoubtedly boost Pakistan’s crisis management.

These economic issues may be resolved through diplomacy or diplomatic relations, but the question is how? Managing diplomacy between the United States and Russia is an art in which the interests of the state come first. As the United States currently leads the world, managing ties with a superpower is essential. Despite some disagreement, the United States still holds sway over the liberal democratic order, and Pakistan will benefit from close connections to the United States, taking advantage of that country’s global reach.

The United States is a quadrilateral presence in the Indian Pacific, and a closer relationship with the United States will reduce the possibility of Pakistan and India engaging in conventional or unconventional conflict. Pakistan’s defense budget may benefit from this, and more resources can be used to pay for basic healthcare and education. An arms purchase puts a nation in a security quandary. According to this theory, a state is obligated to purchase additional weapons because of its adversary’s investment in innovative technology. Hopefully, closer ties with the United States can help Pakistan resolve its security situation.

Pakistan lacks diplomatic links with the superpower United States, emerging economic giant China, and militarily and economically powerful Russia.

Furthermore, there is an element of interest underlying Pakistan and China’s diplomatic relations, and these connections could be strengthened. China’s increased investment is being hampered by political unrest in Pakistan, but donations to it could help. Another justification for Pakistan’s strategic alliance with China is that both countries share India as a common adversary. More money could be invested in Pakistan, benefitting the people of Baluchistan and improving the province’s instrumental relationship.

Russia is the biggest exporter of wheat due to its strong military presence and vibrant economy. Russia’s diplomatic relations will aid Pakistan in overcoming poverty, and Russia has the option of making investments in Pakistan. Russia is also the country from which Pakistan could receive assistance for purchasing weaponry.

Foreign policy is the best policy for a state to handle its interactions with other nations. A nation must maintain contact with other states to avoid living in isolation. However, Pakistan lacks a clear goal for balancing its relationships with other countries. Soft power is the component of Pakistan’s foreign strategy that is lacking. Since the entire globe now depends on it, Pakistan must develop its soft power. Only a politically stable, literate, and peacefully represented culture will make this feasible. There should be alignment between foreign policy and the opinions of numerous people.

Although opinions may differ, Pakistan lacks diplomatic links with the superpower United States, emerging economic giant China, and militarily and economically powerful Russia. To have the necessary resources to exist in this world, Pakistan needs to balance its relationships, protect itself from India, make political investments, and educate its people. This could help Pakistan resolve its current severe issue.

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