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Israeli–Palestinian Conflict: A Revival of Realism?

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, marked by violence and international division, raises questions about a resurgence of realism in global politics.

Aimen Sultana Aimen Sultana

Economics over Ethics: The Changing Face of Saudi Diplomacy

The shift in Saudi diplomacy has sparked concern among Islamic countries, particularly those advocating for the rights of Palestinians and Kashmiri Muslims.

Sabain Sadiq Sabain Sadiq

Examining the Geopolitical Significance of Israel’s Annexation of the Golan Heights

The Golan Heights is strategically important for Israel as it commands high ground, monitors troop movements, and has a significant role in water supply.

Mohsin Nadeem Mohsin Nadeem

The dire need of diplomacy and foreign policy

Diplomacy is the key component in starting with the important thing, finishing a problem, or opening a new channel with the rest of the world.

Muhammad Rafiuddin Muhammad Rafiuddin

Commonalities and Challenges in Pak-Afghan Relations

Despite challenges, both countries have shared interests in building strong diplomatic ties for mutual benefit.

Muhammad Masoom Muhammad Masoom

The Tragedy of Great Power Politics and its Implications for Pakistan

Pakistan is stuck between China and the US, as China is Pakistan's predominant economic ally, and the US is conventionally considered a shadow dictator of the Pakistani political system.

Sabeen Hamood Sabeen Hamood

Development as a guise for International control of Pakistan’s economy

Pakistan has been under the IMF program for 22 times but has only received poverty and debt in return.

S. Haider Abbas Mehdi S. Haider Abbas Mehdi

USA or China; Who will Philippines Choose?

The foreign policy of the Philippines towards the world powers, especially China and the United States, is still stable and smooth.

Khadija Sultan Khadija Sultan