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Democracy in Peril: Pakistan’s Political Chaos through Historical Neglect

The importance of learning from history to resolve the crisis, how the current political chaos began, the role of the military, and the impact on democracy.

Mohammad Alyan Mohammad Alyan

The Tale of Election Day: Pakistan’s Journey of Democracy in 2024

The gripping narrative of Pakistan's 2024 Election Day, filled with twists, challenges, and the resilience of democracy.

Qurat Mudasar Qurat Mudasar

The Dark Horses in Corruption, Power and Leadership Vacuum

The foundational pillars of Pakistan crumble under the weight of unaddressed water crises, a flawed political system, and a populace in distress.

Laraib Jamil Laraib Jamil

Right to Fair Election in Pakistan: An Illusion

From voter rights infringements to political suppression, the complexities of Pakistan's electoral system, where rights violations cast a shadow over democracy.

Tayyaba Rehan Tayyaba Rehan

The Dupery of Democracy in Pakistan

The truth behind democracy in Pakistan: from election rigging to youth activism, explore the battle for political integrity and empowerment.

Kalsoom Kalsoom

Pakistan’s Political Turmoil, A year under PDM

The existing government has allegedly contributed to the growing violence to play down PTI, creating a mess of charges against Imran Khan.

Maheen Waheed Maheen Waheed

The Tragedy of Great Power Politics and its Implications for Pakistan

Pakistan is stuck between China and the US, as China is Pakistan's predominant economic ally, and the US is conventionally considered a shadow dictator of the Pakistani political system.

Sabeen Hamood Sabeen Hamood

Causes of Political Instability in Pakistan

From military coups to corruption, the causes of political instability in Pakistan are multiple.

Muddasar Hussain Muddasar Hussain

The failure of democracy in Pakistan

Democracy in Pakistan has a long way to go in terms of the republic, but many ways in the correct direction can bring about positive changes in the political system…

Muhammad Muzammil Ijaz Muhammad Muzammil Ijaz

Why thinking to revisit 18th constitutional amendment

PTI's slogan “Naya Pakistan” seems to be diminishing due to 18th amendment and that is the only reason the federal government wants to roll back this constitutional amendment for its…

Zain Raza Baloch Zain Raza Baloch