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Abu Bakar Sadiq

M.Phil in Economics from PIDE, and frequently writes for Aware Pakistan on political and economic issues.
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Understanding the Energy Crisis in Pakistan and Potential Solutions

Pakistan's energy crisis, rooted in mismanagement and dependency on non-renewable sources, necessitates urgent policy reforms for sustainability.

Woes Of the Agriculture Sector and Their Remedies

The agriculture sector is the backbone of Pakistan's economy, accounting for 22.9% of GDP and employing 37.4% of the labor force.

Economic Woes of Pakistan and a way forward

Pakistan's economy follows a cyclic pattern, with periods of growth, sudden declines leading to depression, and subsequent recoveries.

Struggle for Europeanization; Bosnia’s proposed entry into EU

Bosnia's accession to the EU will result in wealth, economic progress, and growth, as well as new opportunities for its people.

Trade partnership between Pakistan and Tajikistan; Benefits and challenges

Bilateral trade between Pakistan and Tajikistan could be beneficial for the two countries because both are developing and naturally resource-rich countries.