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M. Waqas Mehsud

Graduate from GC University Lahore, Hailing from South Waziristan.
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Understanding the History of Peshawar under Sikh Rule

The word mercy was an unknown word in the Sikh rule in Peshawar. General Avitabile, who was the Governor of Peshawar, controlled Peshawar most mercilessly.

Understanding the gravity and repercussions of Coronavirus

Rise of xenophobia, racism and threat to globalization worldwide while joblessness in countries like Pakistan are the threats caused by the current Coronavirus crises.

Global power dynamics and Pakistan’s foreign policy

Pakistan needs to maintain neutrality in the course of rivalry between nations like US and China, Saudi Arabia and Iran, and a few more.

Revenge of the nature

Climate change 'crises' is taking more lives and causing men’s life more difficult than ever before, and one day, will surrender to the rage of climate change.

Mullah Powindah as a freedom fighter

Mullah Powindah came to Waziristan and started mobilizing local people to stand against British policies and intervention.

Is Muslims’ religious spirit on decline?

Muslims throughout the world have taken Islamic injections about how to live life for granted.

Is OIC becoming a moribund organization?

Recent OIC meeting went contrary to its objectives. The organization will die a natural death if it is operated the way it does.

Understanding the controversy around abortion

Abortion is only permissible in Pakistan if such miscarriage is caused in good faith, for the purpose of saving the life of the woman, or providing necessary treatment to her.

Village’s deteriorative education system

Pursuance of education is completely discouraged on account of poor attitude of local people and government.

It’s time for Muslim unity

If Muslims did not wake up from the absurd slumber, their condition will be more compounded.