Coronavirus; The other prospect

The blogger has tried to claim and tell what positive results we can derive from the dangerous Coronavirus.

The world is full of hope and dismay.  Everything has advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes good comes out from the bad things and sometimes it is vice versa. If we look at the current scenario, we find ourselves unable to look beyond the disaster of Coronavirus. Everyone looks frightened about this monstrous thing and passes much time in getting the knowledge about the prevention from the said Coronavirus.  This virus is not letting anyone think other than it. No doubt, there is a great danger which is storming over all humanity. Nevertheless, as the law of nature, usually, everything has two sides. If one side looks drastic then the other one might be beneficial. There are some positive results which we can derive from the dangerous virus:

1 Trying to be unsocial:

This effort benefits with the knowledge about ourselves and opens the door for peeping out in ourselves. In this busy lifestyle, everyone has gotten indulged very much in the exterior world and has no time to look to his inner self and this distance from the inner self is making the human beings like strayed animals. Through the precaution of this virus, one has to confine at home and make him unsocial, this amount of solitude pays more and one can get great bounties. Keep in mind that the deeper one dives into the inner self, more benefits he gets.

2 Development of faith:

No matter, what religious faith one keeps. However, this time asks for to be stuck with the Creator, as the Creator is the only power which ultimately will give relief in these difficult days. Faith is the more powerful element in human life. The proven way is that one whatever expects whether good or bad, it comes true ultimately. So, try to expect good and think that divine power will not let us get wrecked and we will be escaped from the whirl of this disaster easily.

3 Taking special care of health:

It is looking that coronavirus is not letting go the trivial ailments like coughing, flue and even minor fever. Everyone is observing keenly to his health and this awareness is a very good sign for maintaining good health. As per the famous saying, health is the second most prioritized object for human beings. So, this situation has indulged everyone to take care of his health and this attention will be fructifying in the long run.

4 Bridging the gap between the haves and have nots:

As the coronavirus is affecting the people without any discrimination of affluence. So, the people belonging to different statuses are coming nearer to each other and trying to know about the those peoples’ problems that are from the different status positions and this thing is creating a great sense of humane integrity at all.

Anyway, it is requested to all readers never ever take this dilemma light and don’t behave like that rabbit who was during the race with turtle,  became overconfident and consequently got defeated in the race.

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