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Embracing Diversity: A Path to National Integration in Pakistan

Explore Pakistan's cultural, religious, and geographical diversity, highlighting national integration, unity, and the collective efforts for peace and stability.

Fatima Rasool Fatima Rasool

Why Muslims Need to Revive Their Morals

A call to action for Muslims to revive their faith and morals in the face of global injustices and oppression, emphasizing the importance of unity and action.

Nida Husyin Nida Husyin

Preserving Pakistan’s Indigenous Languages

Explore the importance of preserving Pakistan's indigenous languages in safeguarding its rich cultural heritage and why they are crucial for maintaining cultural identity in a globalized society.

Sairah Irfan Sairah Irfan

The Plight of Pakistan’s Household Workers

Pakistan's domestic workers endure abuse, lack legal protection, and need societal change.

Faisal Raza Faisal Raza

Acknowledge the Sacrifices of the Working Class

The history of Labour Day is rooted in the exploitation of the working class, but it now celebrates their fight for better working conditions.

Rimsha Abbasi Rimsha Abbasi

From Politics to Social Media, Intolerance is Everywhere

The growing crisis of intolerance in society, affecting everything from homes to politics, and way forward to the promotion of a culture of patience and tolerance.

Rana Kanwal Rana Kanwal

Unspoken Epidemic of Child Abuse — Prevention and Awareness

The malaise of child abuse is well-established inside the culture of Gilgit-Baltistan.

Kainat Habib Kainat Habib

West’s Crafty Influence on the Third World

The ultimate "goal" of western living standards and development should be halted in favor of more relatable development and other policies.

Laiba Aamir Laiba Aamir

The beginning of Pakistan’s westernization

The colonized history of Pakistan has made it more West-oriented in terms of its culture, its policies, and its way forward.

Javeria Babar Javeria Babar

The event of a daughter meets her father

A long-awaited appearance! While she was trying to pen down all the fears and the darkest journeys without the most loving, warm, and caring shelter, her father appeared in front…

Aqsa Fatima Aqsa Fatima

The Trans community deserves humanity

If we simply grant the trans community human rights and treat them as human beings, there is no need to offer them transgender rights

Ayesha Nisar Ayesha Nisar

Who is beautiful?

Is blond hair, hourglass figure, beautiful sun-kissed skin the only “beautiful” considered in the world? This simple question "Who is beautiful?" has demanding answers.

Mehreen Rana Mehreen Rana

Sustainable development: A challenge for Pakistan

Pakistan is facing a hurdle in achieving the SDGs, which has a serious effect on sustainable development.

Meharma Tanoli Meharma Tanoli

Cracking the hard nut of Poverty Trap in Pakistan

When the poor get some opportunity they improve it with time and diversify their source of income, their children get the education and migrate to cities and send income back…

Wajid Islam Wajid Islam

Noor Mukadam, A victim of victim blaming

Victim blaming is now very normal in our patriarchal society and the most unfortunate fact is that many of our women are also supporters of this anti-women narrative.

Maria Amanat Maria Amanat

Beggary – A silent destruction of the Pakistani Society

Beggary is a social issue that needs to come into the spotlight by the citizens and the government bodies should work to destroy this beggar mafia.

Batool Zehra Batool Zehra

Tragedy of the Commons: Important lessons for progress in post-pandemic world

While global warming and unpredictable human behaviour remain a risk, we can still manage to sail through these harsh times especially during the pandemic by putting in a little more…

Muhammad Fahad Khan Muhammad Fahad Khan

Comprehending Feminism Drive in Legal and Social Context of Pakistan

Feminism is a struggle against the patriarchal culture of the society that instils in individuals, from the early stages of life, which lead to discrimination.

Meharma Tanoli Meharma Tanoli

Toxic people; the leeches sucking your life quietly

Toxic people are totally noxious to your good fortune and bring you only a setback. Saying 'Good Riddance' to them is the simplest way to save your life.

Raza Dotani Raza Dotani

Poetic musing whilst self-isolation

Here's that my heart outpours, marking the end of my poetic musing as I end up submitting to nature and enjoying the moment to its full.

Mayyda Asif Bajwa Mayyda Asif Bajwa

Story of Andrew Masih from a quarantined whiny mind

He has lost all his hopes in the State on the way. Trying to find peace in everything he can get his eyes laid on but to no avail, defeated,…

Nida Khattak Nida Khattak

The Corona Episode; A hope for the future

The memories of innocent victims peacefully resting in their graves and the great pressure for the world leaders at critical time in tackling unexpected situation will surly bring the world…

Corona will go, The ‘Masihas’ will stay

Sacrifice is another name for our profession, Coronavirus just did us a favor to highlight our sacrifices a bit.

Dr. Hajra Niaz Dr. Hajra Niaz