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A Termite Licking the Future of Pakistan

Drugs are becoming a scourge in our society, slowly taking over the bodies and minds of our youngsters and rendering the younger generation ineffective.

Jannat Javed Jannat Javed 2 Min Read

Mouth Cancer in Pakistan: What a Layperson Needs to Know

Navigate the complexities of oral cancer—discover symptoms, risk factors, and actionable prevention strategies for optimal oral health and well-being.

Dr. Shazia Shabbir Dr. Shazia Shabbir 4 Min Read

The Overlooked Alarming Rise of Breast Cancer in Pakistan

Understanding the contributing factors and preventive measures against the alarming rise of breast cancer in Pakistan.

Rana Kanwal Rana Kanwal 6 Min Read

A Dentist’s Perspective on Common Oral Problems and Prevention

The realm of oral health, exploring common dental issues, their symptoms, preventive measures, and maintenance strategies

Dr. Shazia Shabbir Dr. Shazia Shabbir 4 Min Read

Pakistani Dentists Battle Unemployment and Inequity

The neglected state of dentistry in Pakistan, where dentists face unemployment, inadequate resources, and the quackery challenge.

Dr. Shazia Shabbir Dr. Shazia Shabbir 3 Min Read

Mental health: Schizophrenia’s Impact on Individuals and Families

Schizophrenia poses complex challenges of cultural barriers, stigma, and limited resources, yet collaborative efforts aim to destigmatize and provide crucial support.

Ayehsa Tariq Ayehsa Tariq 7 Min Read

Energizing and Healing: The Power of Winter Foods

Physicians tout dry fruits as the ultimate "natural capsules" - packed with essential nutrients and often regarded as powerful supplements for optimal health.

Rana Kanwal Rana Kanwal 5 Min Read

Don’t make mental illness a curse

There are millions of other people who are suffering from mental illness without anyone knowing it. Mental illness is like any other medical illness that is treatable.

Maria Hammad Maria Hammad 5 Min Read

Who is beautiful?

Is blond hair, hourglass figure, beautiful sun-kissed skin the only “beautiful” considered in the world? This simple question "Who is beautiful?" has demanding answers.

Mehreen Rana Mehreen Rana 3 Min Read

The Corona Episode; A hope for the future

The memories of innocent victims peacefully resting in their graves and the great pressure for the world leaders at critical time in tackling unexpected situation will surly bring the world…

Brig. Altaf Husssain Tahir Brig. Altaf Husssain Tahir 3 Min Read

Corona will go, The ‘Masihas’ will stay

Sacrifice is another name for our profession, Coronavirus just did us a favor to highlight our sacrifices a bit.

Dr. Hajra Niaz Dr. Hajra Niaz 5 Min Read

Staying fit in ‘quarantined days’

People, in the cost of staying at home are busy to nourish their taste buds, which is causing to put on more weights and suffering to them with shaping disorders…

Nadeem Israr Nadeem Israr 3 Min Read

Coronavirus and international trade

If the Coronavirus isn't curbed soon world GDP would drop $1.1tn. It will ultimately haunt the international trade.

Waqar ul Malik Makhdoon Waqar ul Malik Makhdoon 3 Min Read

15 Myths and facts about Coronavirus, you must know

A lot of misinformation about the pandemic; Coronavirus. Some most circulated misleading information and Coronavirus myths are discussed and clarified here.

Raza Dotani Raza Dotani 4 Min Read

Understanding the controversy around abortion

Abortion is only permissible in Pakistan if such miscarriage is caused in good faith, for the purpose of saving the life of the woman, or providing necessary treatment to her.

M. Waqas Mehsud M. Waqas Mehsud 4 Min Read