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Mamoon Khan
By Mamoon Khan 7 Min Read

In ancient history of Egyptians they were fond of buidling well calculated pyramid structures Pyramids as Symbols. The pyramids built by the ancient Egyptians, is a symbol of their power in their time period and their strong religious beliefs And their great pharaohs Kings and queens .

The pyramid structures if you look at closely my opinion comes to a single structure in a delightful way of a hand in hand supported structure of all sides working together and saving collapse of one another and might be all pharaohs liked to party with one another into different patterns or maybe their belief of pyramid power just caught them into this theory of autocracy .

Although it was a little of background from Egypt which is still a military ruled state and a static tranny which got alot of economic value in past but brutalized by its economic decisions and ruling elite . I hope a power pyramid might have been their once it was all set to sail as a regional power and then the theory of pyramid reshaped from old monarch pharaohs like ramiz al sani and many others and specially the biggest one known as a Giza which is also the first of it’s kind and built by pharaoh kufu in 2551B.C .

By the theory of power pyramid and my choice of this as a new eye opening writing is that I want you to think for a while think like you are looking at a pyramid in which elites loves each other’s marry each other’s and save backs of one another loyalty isn’t it so ? Let’s look deep for making you understand what is happening to us and to a common Pakistani like or collectively us . We face military rule we faced brutalized democracy which is not a democracy but a oligarchy on already imperial state and I think kind a bigoted too .

Obviously I am not blaming or holding prejudice against any single party involved in this pyramid but I would love to show you for instance if you take up the 11 pindi boys who are set to be powerful with their american and Saudi funds and stuff and influencing other senior officials and you just also take up the the bureaucracy from DMGs to police and FSP and their senior officials like grade 20-21-22 officers and then you just take up the most influential political entities and then you take the influential judicial powers which sits and sleeps in the middle like a pharaoh of Egyptian kind.

Anyways if you dig these people deeply and look deep into their families you will be astonished or maybe quite dramatically surprised to see they owe each other’s much on every side. You will see a general wanting to engage his daughter or son in majority of the cases not to a sword of honor or a young energetic career oriented LT or Capt but they would rather prefer a political or alliance in bureaucracy or judiciary and same goes for a high level bureaucrat he will definitely go for a general or a politician and same goes for politician who appeals to be maintaining 3 back saving relations for his political influence and power and then comes the middle guys the judicial people who does the same as stated above my question from you and all the readers is that where is the commoner Pakistani and are we welcomed to join this family oriented and family ruled state?

I think you will agree with me with concept of pyramid monocracy and it reminds me of the golden time of English history specially from King Henry the Eighth and his everything was based on the real traditional monarch concept and he used the fundamental tactics of family rule and executed his own loyal people from his court and appointed people by changing their names and castes to royals like Bolyen family who were set to be commoners might be little higher ones but after Ann introduced to Henry to promote sexism and warping up Henry into her beauty with ambitions of power and autocracy and heretical rule over people I think from that time today Pakistan is no more different if we see with open eyes .

You and I as a commoners might get right to speak and write which is “might” but we are not welcome to ” Power club ” and we you and I are buried under this pyramid of power which is imperative in nature and if anyone of us approves the challenge to slip into any of the side and gets the membership of power club which exists in the pyramid of power then life in Pakistan is more like a European disco where you dance , circulate and drink and cheers and pass out enjoyable isn’t it so ? Yes definitely because you are part of now imperial family who saves one another and cheers together into parties and BBQS.

I am solely against victimization and depotism and political and religious or any kind of Genocide or ethno-cleansing of any party who is member of this power club . I believe in transparency and justice and that does mean accountability of every party involved in this across the board keeping all aside . My demands seems cool and shaddy in nature and made you agreeable but result is that if you start from one side of pyramid the other loses the ends and if other then first one loses the balance that’s how a pyramid works and is built and that’s where they save each others and cover the cases and references and set peace and alliances of different natures to keep the balance and we are deceived and are showed that accountability has been done .

My question is I am a lawful citizen of the state and I pay taxes in everything to state doesn’t I have right to see all those hanging criminals and money laundromats and thieves who looted my taxes ? Doesn’t I possess the single right to see they rot in hell like if I would have done same I would have been in same situation ? Accountability is the name of covering and replacing files with new corruption covers in Pakistan and shutup call to illiterate and educated Pakistani’s well somehow they are also part of it for their benefits and allocations .

My sentiment is that being a commoner in this state which is all set to be a ” Democracy based on powerful nuclear missiles ” doesn’t those missiles were shaped and developed from our taxes ? When you and I pay taxes then we should have right to ask for their usage because they are taken from us for our betterment and betterment of state not some imperialistic families promoting concept of monocracy .

Pakistan can only be fixed when you understand and realize how power works here and how money evolves here being in government is not the only thing we should do or vote for or get vote for but to fix this depotism , tranny and absolutism . The monarch styles are suited to moarchs not to democratic people who set to be the servants of people and state . Pakistan got everything from resources to intellectuals but all we need is a campaign against this power club which is the rising monarchy into a Islamic state of Pakistan fundamentally built on the concept of democracy not absolutism and depotism . I have diagnosed one of the disease in Pakistani nation and that is “Dystopia” and if you also expect to have a better Pakistan then we all need to be responsible for what we pay and get and needs to eradicate the dystopia and be the best version of a democracy which we always promise to be and no matter it is power club in a biggest power Nexus or power pyramid without you and I and we Pakistani’s they are nothing because we afford them in the end and their every expenditure is being afforded by us .

I would love concluding with this “states are only democratic when their individuals are democratic and just in their personal and individual lives because in the end we make the nation we commoners and individualists.”

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