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Noor Mukadam, A victim of victim blaming

Victim blaming is now very normal in our patriarchal society and the most unfortunate fact is that many of our women are also supporters of this anti-women narrative.

Maria Amanat Maria Amanat

Dowry in the 21st century: The Sociocultural Face of Exploitation

It’s past time we stood up to this toxicity and tried to make the planet a better place for ourselves and others!

Maimoona Waseem Maimoona Waseem

Comprehending Feminism Drive in Legal and Social Context of Pakistan

Feminism is a struggle against the patriarchal culture of the society that instils in individuals, from the early stages of life, which lead to discrimination.

Meharma Tanoli Meharma Tanoli

Periods don’t make me a sinner!

Menstruation serves a purpose for the human body with the only difference that periods are women-specific and hence have become a taboo.

Hira Amjad Hira Amjad