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Pakistan’s Consumer Culture, How Brands Play with Your Wallet

Peel back the layers of sales manipulation in Pakistan's retail arena, and rally for a shopping experience rooted in integrity.

Soma Amir Soma Amir

“Confessions of an Economic Hitman” — An account of economic warfare

How America became a global power, the tactics it employs to maintain its dominance, and its governance of the world.

Muhammad Ahmad Zafrani Muhammad Ahmad Zafrani

Economic Woes of Pakistan and a way forward

Political instability in the country is the foremost issue and linked to the devastating condition of an economy.

Abu Bakar Sadiq Abu Bakar Sadiq

A reliable negotiation approach for conflict management

The concept of cognitive bias, its types, and how it affects our decision-making process, and some strategies to recognize and overcome cognitive biases to make better decisions.

M. Haseeb Shakil M. Haseeb Shakil

Who should be held accountable for the debt crisis?

The debt trap is a situation where a country is unable to repay its external loans and becomes dependent on new loans to repay the previous ones.

Mugheera Arshad Mugheera Arshad

Entrepreneurial journalism: the only form of journalism for tribal journalists

Tribal Post features politics, lifestyle, and culture from the merged tribal districts of Pakistan and rural KP amplifying unorthodox voices and fostering a culture of healthy debate to promote peace…

Tehreem Azeem Tehreem Azeem

How Coronavirus damaged the world economy

Coronavirus outbreak caused the disruptions to every aspect of life but considerably to the economy of every country and the global supply chains.

Zainab Arshad Zainab Arshad