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A Journey toward Sindh Water Policy: Influencing Change

The development of the Sindh Water Policy and its impact on tackling water scarcity, climate change, and disaster risk reduction.

Qurat Mudasar Qurat Mudasar

Understanding Pakistan’s Youth Migration Trends

Political instability, economic challenges, and limited educational resources are pushing Pakistan's youth beyond borders.

Rimsha Abbasi Rimsha Abbasi

The push and pull factors contributing to youth migration from Pakistan

Why Pakistan's youth are migrating abroad—economic struggles, political unrest, education gaps, societal norms, and the allure of better opportunities.

Inam Ellahi Inam Ellahi

Lost in the Haze: Lahore’s Cry for Clean Air

Lahore, once a vibrant city, suffocates under a deadly smog blanket. Can Pakistan break the cycle of reactive solutions and save its people from this toxic crisis?

Maheen Waheed Maheen Waheed

Financially Independent Youth: A Path to Sustainable Development

It's high time to challenge the conventional idea of job-seeking and embark on the journey of job creation.

Maheen Waheed Maheen Waheed

Reducing Waste, Maximizing Efficiency with Circular Economy

Transitioning to a circular approach is crucial to minimize the negative impact of construction on the environment.

Sadam Hussain Sadam Hussain

Bero Chandio: A Village Struggling for Basic Rights

Despite being the hub of the Chandio caste, the village's poor and needy have been ignored and forgotten by their own leaders and elected representatives.

Hassan Raza Hassan Raza

The Blue Economy in Pakistan: A Roadmap for Sustainable Growth

Pakistan's blue economy can significantly contribute to the national economy and provide a way out of huge financial debts if sustainable policies are developed.

Nida Nasim Nida Nasim

Prioritizing the Protection of Pakistan’s Ecosystem

Protecting the ecosystem is essential for economic growth, poverty alleviation, and social progress in Pakistan.

Momin Hassan Khan Momin Hassan Khan

The Prevalent Western Essence in Pakistan’s Development Policies

Pakistan’s developmental policies influenced by Western dynamics, lack of quality research and the impact of International Financial Institutions

Zarnab Shaheen Zarnab Shaheen

Eco-friendly Construction for a Greener Pakistan

With increased awareness, financial incentives and government regulations, we can work towards a greener future.

Muhammad Usman Muhammad Usman

Pakistan’s Cities at a Crossroads: Choosing Sustainability over Adversity

Pakistan has one of the highest urbanization rates and is facing issues with poverty and poor infrastructure in its metropolitan areas.

Muhammad Usman Muhammad Usman

A Green Solution for Urban Living: The Rise of Urban Agriculture

Urban agriculture offers benefits to cities by allowing local food production, which reduces carbon emissions and supports local businesses.

Sajid Aziz Samo Sajid Aziz Samo

Development as a guise for International control of Pakistan’s economy

Pakistan has been under the IMF program for 22 times but has only received poverty and debt in return.

S. Haider Abbas Mehdi S. Haider Abbas Mehdi

Pakistan’s Urbanization Dilemma: Addressing the Issues

Over 36% of Pakistan's population lives in urban areas, and it is expected that by 2025, about half of the population will live in urban areas.

Muhammad Usman Muhammad Usman

Sustainable development: A challenge for Pakistan

Pakistan is facing a hurdle in achieving the SDGs, which has a serious effect on sustainable development.

Meharma Tanoli Meharma Tanoli