Tag: Climate Change

Sustainable Solutions: A Path Forward for Environmental Harmony

From climate change to biodiversity loss, our planet teeters on the brink, demanding collective action and innovative strategies.

Mahmoona Ashraf Mahmoona Ashraf

Between Waves and Woes: Pakistan’s Coastal Crisis and Solutions

Pakistan's coastline faces multifaceted challenges, demanding adaptation, resilient infrastructure, and international collaboration for a harmonious coexistence.

Zamil bin Zahid Zamil bin Zahid

Melting Glaciers in South Asia: A Looming Crisis Threatens Millions

The accelerating meltdown of South Asia's glaciers endangers the region, demanding immediate global action.

Momin Hassan Momin Hassan

Climate Change: A Non-Traditional Security Threat and Solutions for Pakistan

Climate change represents a non-traditional threat to Pakistan, given its catastrophic implications that give rise to security concerns within the country.

Muhammad Masoom Muhammad Masoom

The affordability dilemma of green transition for developing world

International cooperation plays a crucial role in addressing the affordability challenge of the green energy transition in the developing world.

Momin Hassan Khan Momin Hassan Khan

The Impacts of Climate Change and Urgent Call for Action

The impacts of climate change exacerbate social and economic inequalities in Pakistan, particularly affecting women and children living in poverty.

Maham Khan Maham Khan

Overcoming the Hindrances to Achieving Climate Goals

Efforts by global and regional organizations to tackle climate change challenges, hindrances to achieving climate goals, and the need for greater cooperation among nations are explored.

Misbah Zainab Misbah Zainab

Prioritizing the Protection of Pakistan’s Ecosystem

Protecting the ecosystem is essential for economic growth, poverty alleviation, and social progress in Pakistan.

Momin Hassan Khan Momin Hassan Khan

Eco-friendly Construction for a Greener Pakistan

With increased awareness, financial incentives and government regulations, we can work towards a greener future.

Muhammad Usman Muhammad Usman

Global Shield Financing Facility: A Distraction from Genuine Climate Change Efforts

Theprogram is perceived as a potential failure as it is another West-drafted policy to address an issue primarily impacting the East.

Rimsha Fatima Rimsha Fatima

After the disastrous floods in Pakistan, are dams still worth it?

So the question of whether dams are actually necessary arises. Are dams the only answer to all of our problems?

Muhammad Usman Muhammad Usman

Revenge of the nature

Climate change 'crises' is taking more lives and causing men’s life more difficult than ever before, and one day, will surrender to the rage of climate change.

M. Waqas Mehsud M. Waqas Mehsud