The un-edited you

Humans aren’t perfect anyway, errors will be there but our job is to try to reduce them as much as possible.

“Where are ‘You’ in this? The original you. What you are telling me is merely the others’ perception of you.” My therapist suspected.

I was at his office, rewinding my past life and narrating it as a story.

There, I realized he was right. I have worn people’s opinions about me over my original self, which now seems hidden. I lost that “me”, being what others wanted me to be.

This is what we all do, don’t we? Wearing layers and layers of others, to conceal who we originally are and forgetting what we are meant to be! I am sure you agree with me as you are reading along. Even if you don’t, your inner self is acknowledging this!

Now, you must be puzzled about what’s next? How to be that real you. For that, my dear reader, you need to be kind. Yes, kind to your own self! Accept yourself with all the perfections and imperfections. Acknowledge your strength and recognise your weakness (and try to hide from others). Improve your strength and ignore your flaws. I recall my mentor once said,

Humans aren’t perfect anyway, errors will be there but our job is to try to reduce them as much as possible.

Coming back to the point, now what you should work on is to dig in deeper and rediscover yourself. You should be your Best Self. I would like to quote Dean Graziosi here who said:

You’re not supposed to be me or Bill Gates or Peyton Manning or Oprah or anybody else. You’re simply supposed to be the best you possible.

It is too difficult sometimes, to be your best, no? Yeah, because of low self-esteem, we often degrade ourselves. But we need to spot the real culprit. It’s not just the outside world! It’s inside. Yes, you read it right.

Identify what is stopping you from being that YOU. Find that Villain within you (this is what Dean says about the enemy hidden inside us.), which is an obstacle in our smooth path; and not allowing us to live fully. Discontinue supporting your foe: refresh your vision and rethink why you started? What’s the purpose behind all the struggles you have ever done?

I am sure your answers will restore the energy you need. You need this fuel to get to your destination. Repeat this action whenever you feel exhausted and depressed by a voice that is not yours!

Wish you all the best, and I am sure you will be successful!

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  1. Ayesha says

    Could not agree more.

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