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Saher Saleem
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Almost 70 years has passed since the inception of Pakistan and till to date the country has survived number of domestic as well as global challenges. The dwindling economy, political dysfunction, hide and seek between democratically elected government, four martial laws and institutional crises are those internal issues which continue to haunt Pakistan from the very beginning. On the global front, Pakistan has to bore the burden of refugees along with neutralizing the India’s threat, facing the cold war consequences and most importantly playing a constructive role in the war against terrorism which in return has accelerated terrorist activities in our home country. These are some issues which Pakistan has been tackling since many decades vehemently and courageously.

In current global affairs, Pakistan does not enjoy a better position because of growing internal issues and rift with the global power like U.S.A. But this is the one side of the coin. Another side, however, depicts clearly unique picture of Pakistan. That side portrays Pakistan as one the most powerful nuclear countries of the world with massive amount of mineral resources and huge bulge of youth population which can be turned in to a skilled labor and changes the course of history. It shows that like Pakistan had fought against all the odds in the past, it will continue to fight that battle (the battle of freedom and success) in the coming decades as well. This means that number of critics, policymakers and other think tanks believe that prosperity, stability and peace will be the future of Pakistan in the coming 10 years. Not only this, but the recent report published by World Bank also enunciated that Pakistan has the potential in the form of its youth and mineral reserves which if exploited efficiently can turn this struggling country in to a developed one.

The above mention interpretation about Pakistan’s performance in the coming ten years, however, exhibits the perception of optimistic school of thought. Wise people say that one must not turn blind eye to the reality. Given the dismal economic condition today, with 7% inflation rate, 28 billion dollars trade deficit and debt crises; it is extremely hard to imagine progressive Pakistan in the coming years. Moreover, political dysfunction in the form of rampant corruption, acrimonious attitude of opposition, abysmal performance of institutions and weak judicial system has further shaken the foundation of our country. These political economic crises has to be addressed on urgent basis to boost up the progress of the country.

Coming towards prediction of Pakistan in 2030, like many others I’m of the opinion that we will have a better and positive image worldwide because of number of reasons. Firstly, no other country has been able to revive as speedily as Pakistan did after facing horrible challenges in its initial days. That shows the potential and capability of our country to bounce back any unfavorable move. Secondly, the amount and discipline in which our leaders are working depicts their urge to solve the prevalent issues on urgent basis. Their dedication can be gauged through number of reports, for instance WB has showed improved export index in Pakistan. Moreover, the Current Account deficit has reduced to 7% as compared to last fiscal year. The citizen portal creation, crackdown on corruption, examining money laundering, devolution of power etc. are some recent development that will decide the future course of Pakistan in coming 10 years.

Last but not least, the progress which Pakistan has made on foreign policy front. The incumbent government has made number of foreign visits since it has assumed the office with the purpose of maintaining cordial ties with the neighboring and regional countries and to seek their collaboration on outstanding issues like terrorism, economic recovery and trade activities.

One of the famous writers has said that:

“The journey of thousands miles begins with a smaller step.”

These small steps taken by the government will hopefully trace Pakistan’s image as a progressive developed nation by 2030. Since Pakistan is a home to all of us, social cohesion and unity is needed to take our country to the place which our father Quaid-e-Azam has dreamed of. We owe to our country as well as our ancestors who had sacrificed their lives to provide us our independent homeland where we could live peacefully. To make Pakistan a success story, both government and citizens must work together hand in hand as a single unit and resists against all the mishaps that came in our way of success.

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