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Confronting Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking in Pakistan

As Pakistan strives for development, combating modern slavery remains a moral imperative for individuals, organizations, and policymakers alike.

Tayyaba Rehan Tayyaba Rehan

A Chronicle of Afghan Women’s Struggles amidst Taliban’s grip

From historic strides to stifling restrictions, the harrowing tale of Afghan women's rights amid conflict and Taliban rule.

Rimsha Tanveer Rimsha Tanveer

Profiting from Pain: The Financial Drivers of Israel’s War on Gaza

Genocide, colonial expansion, and the profit motives behind Israel's actions, all backed by the financial and military support of the world powers.

Zainab Amanullah Zainab Amanullah

Media Blindness over the Unseen Struggle of the Forgotten People of Balochistan

The media blackout in Balochistan, revealing a systemic failure in journalistic principles. Baloch voices unheard, buried in silence.

Dilshad Baluch Dilshad Baluch

Challenges Faced by Minority Groups Worldwide

Minorities around the world: Emphasizing incidents of discrimination, violence, and the importance of promoting diversity and human rights.

Rimsha Abbasi Rimsha Abbasi

The Plight of Pakistan’s Household Workers

Pakistan's domestic workers endure abuse, lack legal protection, and need societal change.

Faisal Raza Faisal Raza

Unspoken Epidemic of Child Abuse — Prevention and Awareness

The malaise of child abuse is well-established inside the culture of Gilgit-Baltistan.

Kainat Habib Kainat Habib

The tragedy of child labor in Pakistan

The government must provide employment opportunities and raise social awareness about child rights to address the of issue of child labor in Pakistan.

Zarmeen Rajper Zarmeen Rajper

The Trans community deserves humanity

If we simply grant the trans community human rights and treat them as human beings, there is no need to offer them transgender rights

Ayesha Nisar Ayesha Nisar

Why do Afghans need Human Security more than ever before?

As they continue to indulge in abuse of power and perpetrate acts of violence against their own citizens; Afghans, the Taliban have given birth to deprivation and exclusion as the…

Naad-e-Ali Sulehria Naad-e-Ali Sulehria

The disabled community in Pakistan

Pakistan has has best laws for the disabled community but there is a lack of involvement and focus on the aspects of disability rights.

Multi Authors Multi Authors