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A Chronicle of Afghan Women’s Struggles amidst Taliban’s grip

From historic strides to stifling restrictions, the harrowing tale of Afghan women's rights amid conflict and Taliban rule.

Rimsha Tanveer Rimsha Tanveer

The Plight of Afghan Refugees Between Two Unstable Homes

Deported from Pakistan, Afghan refugees face despair in a war-torn homeland. Can the world avert this humanitarian catastrophe?

Noor Fatima Noor Fatima

TTP’s Prominence; An Extant Ultimatum for Pakistan

Rising TTP threats challenge Pakistan's stability, trigger geopolitical concerns, and highlight the enigma of their funding source.

Iqra Siddiqui Iqra Siddiqui

China’s Strategic Moves in the Wake of Kabul’s Fall

The multifaceted implications of China's evolving role and its potential to influence global and regional dynamics.

Maidah Tariq Maidah Tariq

Why do Afghans need Human Security more than ever before?

As they continue to indulge in abuse of power and perpetrate acts of violence against their own citizens; Afghans, the Taliban have given birth to deprivation and exclusion as the

Naad-e-Ali Sulehria Naad-e-Ali Sulehria

A D-Day: US-Taliban Peace Deal & Beyond

US-Taliban Peace Deal in the US formulated classroom, the Feb 29, 2020; a D-Day, Yes, the United States of America on the right way,

Danish Nisar Danish Nisar