Google to launch Coding Skills Development Program in Pakistan

Coding Skills Development Program Pakistan is based on CS First Program by Google in Collaboration with MoITT & Tech Valley, Pakistan

In collaboration with the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom (MoITT), Google is launching Pakistan’s First Grass-Root Level Coding Skills Development Program for young people of the country.

According to the MoITT, the aim of the program is to develop applied coding skills using gamification techniques for kids between 9 and 14 years of age.

The platform which will be used in this regard is “Scratch” platform a specialized tool researched and developed by MIT. As an official Google partner, Tech Valley Pakistan will assist the MoITT with the roll-out of the program.

For the implementation across the country, a specialized tool researched and developed by MIT, “Scratch” platform will be used for the Coding Skills Program that is part of the “CS First Program of Google” (a global initiative for coding skills). Students of 4th to 8th grade (aged between 9 to 14) will be provided with the training virtually with the help of ‘Scratch” platform.

A well-known social enterprise in the IT and digital sector, ‘Tech Valley (Abbottabad)’ is Google’s official partner in Pakistan who will implement and execute the program while assisting MoITT.

“It will involve the youngsters and kids of our country to know the importance of Computer Science in the 21st century and make them interested towards using their handheld devices.”

Tech Valley Stated

Tech Valley’s announcement added, “With the schools closed due to COVID-19 pandemic, there is an avid need of bringing a digital learning platform that can provide the students with a new perspective and provide them proper education on how to best use Computer Science and how important it is especially right now when the world is in complete lock-down.”

In the first phase of the program, the Telecom Foundation Schools will benefit from this initiative which will include 13 schools nationwide to be followed by bigger Cohorts in the phases to come.

The program will be mainly divided into two parts; Train the Trainer followed by an orientation of students on the said platform. The program will assist the TF Schools in developing an integrated curriculum for adopting the course on a continuous basis.

What is CS First Program of Google?

CS First provides free, easy-to-use computer science enrichment materials that engage a diverse student population in grades 4-8 (ages 9-14). Facilitators use the video content to teach kids coding basics with Scratch, a block-based coding tool.

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