Capital punishment to a rapist is not the solution

Capital punishment relieves rapists of a life which burden them with shame and disgrace. With death, they would escape the pain they were to be inflicted.

A child is raped in her own home, repeatedly, she didn’t tell her father only because she was threatened by the perpetrator to kill her father in case she dared to reveal. She has borne the pain and anguish to keep her father alive. Meanwhile, other men finding out about her misery milked it for all it’s worth and she was raped by three other men. Even after that, she didn’t disclose her torment but her deteriorating health compelled her father to consult a doctor. It was revealed that she was knocked up.

Now in any civilized society, those beasts would have been caught and brought to book but in our country? His father thought to get rid of the burden that was getting on his nerves. A child, a victim of sexual violence who wanted to protect her father at the expense of her own honour and self-respect, became a disgrace for her father and eventually, she has been killed.

If you confine women their next victim is children, then animals, and perhaps, their family members would be at higher risk. Here the victim is varying but predator is constant which is men.

I never keep expectations from this society but what boils my blood is people’s audacity to hold women responsible for everything. Solution to keep women safe has always been confining them, keeping them in segregation, but why we forget confining women would let their lascivious unleash on children? If you confine children their next victim would be animals, if not animals, family members would be at higher risk. Here the victim is varying but a predator is constant which is men. Instead of wasting our whole energy in teaching women or keeping their lives safe why we don’t go for the perpetrators? One who is violating other’s privacy and rights.

Our concern of any issue usually ends up on a cruel punishment and naming-shaming which could be proven useful but before that, we will have to ensure and offer our unconditional support to victims. We will have to stop asking questions such as who were victims, what they were wearing, what they were doing in a specific place at any time but our questions should revolve around the predator. A basic and most vital “Why he thought to infringe upon other privacy”? Our questions should haunt predators, not victims.

In my opinion, capital punishment shouldn’t be its solution and I have a reason to think so. For me, capital punishment or any death sentence would relieve them of a life that was going to burden them with shame and disgrace. With death, they would escape the pain they were to be inflicted so instead of capital punishment, public castration should be their solution.

They should be forced to live a life of shame and ignominy, a life they want to escape but unable to do so. They should be inflicted with pain that makes them death more favourable. They should be made an example of.

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