Khan Sahib! Kia Ab Ghabra Lain?

It would be folly to assume that leaders do not play a significant role in shaping public opinion and attitude. During pandemic we have seen a considerable impact of the leaders on their populace across the world but in Pakistan we were to witness opposite.

Said it before and I will say it again being a leader of a huge populace your words matter more than you think. It’s an understandable logic. Not everyone happens to be a leader if it were the case there would have been more leaders than their followers given that some chosen people get to entrusted with the title of a LEADER, the rest follow them.

Khan Sahib, the people you fought for 22 years didn’t disappoint you in 2018. They were quick to place their faith in you and the reason they have been unrepentant in assigning you the leading position to this day. Remember the pre-election period? They justified your every wrong in the hope that once you were into the power you would get the chance to transform the entire dead and rotten system. In their opinion, you were to hold a vanguard against the elitist leeches who were suctioning their blood for decades. From T.v talk shows to signboard in streets they bit off more than they could chew, all just to make your win plausible.

It’s a whole lot separate discussion on how you were able to win but you gained a victory and that what mattered to them. For two years, they didn’t leave any stone unturned taking your side even on issues that didn’t merit a puny justification just to defend your every action, your every u-turn. You were well aware of all of this. You knew you had a considerable following base, who blindly followed your every word no matter how absurd it sounded, how ludicrous it appeared. Then pandemic happened.

I was a strong critic of your every policy but that time I wanted to follow you. I wanted to hear from you just like your millions of proponents. That time people were panicked and alarmed, they were waiting for their charismatic leader to pat their shoulder, reassure them and also lead them out of the imminent menace. That moment could have been cashed in on, all because people were desperate, your words would have carried a decisive impact but you failed again to discern the gravity of the issue. You appeared on T.V you told your people” Ghabrana nahi” but you didn’t make any effort to wise them about the threat around the corner. You let them go awry.

How dare you blame people for not taking Corona serious, when the whole time you didn’t stop calling it a “common flu inflicting a very few- aged folks like garbage to be disposed of? How dare you expect your people to follow SOPs when in your every next photo you are the one violating them? You were their ideal and they did not just read your words but even read your actions, nevertheless, you led them astray.

Don’t start on ” why people had to rely on Imran Khan, didn’t they have a common sense” No, majority of the population including the fandom of Imran khan don’t believe in the existence of corona let alone taking protection against it; further it was fueled by his and some other irresponsible leaders’ reckless remarks. Don’t believe me? Open social media. Whether it Twitter, Facebook or WhatsApp, they are yet to align themselves with the existence of corona needles to mention how they have been breeding theories against corona.

And don’t get me started on how our great leader waged the war against the only province that at least was pretending to do something. In a national disaster when you were supposed to unite your people, you unleashed your ministers to yap on Sindh’s administration. You preferred petty politics over the national collective protection against an invisible enemy. You lost it, sir, morally and politically.

I am not bitter nor I am too cynical but it just I am not a Panglossian and your audacity to blame others for your own earned failures riles me up. You lost the combat against corona soon after the first case, having said that we were still hoping some change but now it’s too late to impose lockdown or put the COVID-Jennie back in the hole it emerged. Now we all are waiting for your herd immunity to come to inflict 70% of the population and immune the rest if we had left any in the days to come.

P.s: it was about leadership, will have to write a separate post explaining the intellect of our people and their refusal to follow the government.

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